Messi’s debut at PSG has been postponed. What is the problem?


Messi’s debut at PSG has been postponed. What is the problem?

Lionel Messi has been at PSG for several days. The Argentinian managed to do almost everything: give interviews, greet the fans, and so on. The main thing remains – to enter the field. But there are still difficulties with this. What is the problem?

The day after the signing of the most high-profile contract of the summer of 2021, it became known that Messi asked to be included in PSG for the next match – with Strasbourg in the 2nd round of the French League 1. The team’s coaching staff was skeptical about this idea … The thing is, Leo is out of shape right now. Even with a brilliant football player, this happens. How did it happen? Let’s figure it out now.

Why is Messi out of shape?

Messi’s poor form globally has two reasons. The first is the protracted confusion with Barcelona. At the end of June, Leo’s contract with the blue garnet expired, after which a long soap opera began. The club and the Argentine agreed on the terms – and could not reach a consensus in any way. Towards the end of the saga, the dates were even named when Messi should sign the new agreement. You know how this story ended.

All this time, Messi could not train with Barcelona, ​​since he was not formally a team player. Even after returning from vacation, the striker did not start training in his almost native Barcelona.

The second reason is America’s Cup. Messi flew there with the Argentina national team back in June, before the expiration of his contract with Barcelona. It was during the competition that he became a free agent. There, the Argentines, together with their star captain, went all the way through the tournament bracket, defeating Brazil in the final. Because of this, the joyful Messi, for whom the America’s Cup was the first trophy with the national team, went on vacation much later than usual.

What Messi and Pochettino are saying

Messi was first asked about his upcoming debut for PSG at the press conference on the occasion of the transition. Leo replied, “When will I debut? Do not know. I just returned from vacation, I was gone for more than a month. I will probably need to prepare before I start playing. I hope the return to the field will take place as early as possible. ”

Two days later, on August 13, a similar question was asked to the head coach of PSG Mauricio Pochettino .

The specialist said the following: “Today Messi had only his second training session after the America’s Cup final. The priority is to make him feel better and better. Only then will we see if he is ready to enter the field. We have the same feelings as the fans. Messi’s transition gives us positive energy. Any coach wants to have the best players on his team. ”

When will Messi make his PSG debut?

Messi’s request, which was reported by the media, was not followed. Leo was not included in the squad for the match with Strasbourg. By the way, not only him. Still in this meeting will not play Neymar, Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma. It looks like putting together the renewed star roster of the Parisians is still a challenge.

The exact date of Messi’s debut is, of course, unknown. But, according to the French press, it will not take place until August 29th. Apparently, so much time was allotted to the Argentinean to restore his best condition. On this day, PSG will play away against Reims in the 4th round of Ligue 1.

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