Messi’s great evening – Leo broke Pele’s record and cried with the stadium


Messi’s great evening – Leo broke Pele’s record and cried with the stadium

Lionel Messi is back on top – emotional and statistical. Argentina’s national team after a huge scandal in the game with Brazil arrived in the international pause for the last match with Bolivia. There were not four players in the squad who returned to England, but this definitely should not have prevented the result from being achieved. The current Argentina is decently stronger than the outsider of the group under almost any conditions, even if the coronavirus rules sent half of the main roster to other countries.

It so happened that this evening Leo Messi outshined the rest of the team with his personality. Already in the 14th minute, he made the Latin American commentator shout his name after an elegant feint and a precise shot into the corner. It was the first step to level him with Pele in the number of goals for the South American national teams. For the Argentine genius, everything was just beginning – after the break, he scored two more and single-handedly became the continent’s top scorer. But that’s not all: thanks to his 55th hat-trick in his career, Leo scored the 26th goal in the qualifying matches for the World Cup – this is also a new record for the number of goals in a particular competition, which previously belonged to his friend Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan striker missed the September games, but now he will definitely have increased motivation to catch up with Leo.

Also, these goals led to a beautiful figure – now Messi has 750 career goals in 932 matches. But it is unlikely that after the final whistle the Argentine thought about these records. A more touching event awaited him – the celebration of victory in the America’s Cup with his fans. Argentina took the trophy in the summer at a tournament held in Brazil. For them, this was the first title since 1993. And the dream of their leader, which has finally come true. After the game with Bolivia, the cup was taken to the field. And Leo could no longer hold back the tears that flowed from his eyes for almost the entire ceremony. An incredibly emotional moment. And after that, when he gave an interview, these feelings were still with him.

Messi's great evening - Leo broke Pele's record and cried with the stadium

Lionel Messi
Argentina striker

“I can’t think of a better place to celebrate this. My mom, my brothers are on the podium. Because of the coronavirus, they have gone through a lot, and today they are celebrating here, which I am very happy about. I really wanted to enjoy it. I have been waiting for this for a long time, dreamed. And the way it happened is unique. “

At the same time, the Argentine national team itself is only the second in the selection for the 2022 World Cup. This is also a passing place in the final part, but it is always nice to be ahead of Brazil, especially after such records. While the Argentines have 18 points after 8 matches, the main rivals have 24. There are still 10 games ahead. So there is every chance for this.


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