Messi six times!


Monday in Paris was awarded the most prestigious individual football award – the “Golden ball” from France Football. Regardless of the fact that in some years it was held in conjunction with FIFA, and now the way awards and then parted again (FIFA – The Best), she continues to stay in the world of football prize number one.


Only four nominations – best player, best scorer, best goalkeeper and best young (Kopa Trophy).

For the main prize – “Golden ball” in the nomination “Player of the year” – nominally claimed 30 players, but initially it was clear that the real contenders are only two of the forward of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi and Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk.

Месси – шестикратный!

Liverpool’s side last season, took the Champions League in the semi-final knocking out Barcelona with Messi in the team. It did not help. Anyway – Messi.

The best was the young Dutch defender of Mattijs De Ligt (Ajax/Juventus) Best player – Megan Rapino of team USA.

Месси – шестикратный!

At the ceremony the first time awarded a prize to the best goalkeeper. They became Alisson Becker (“Liverpool”). It’s nice that the award is forever named Lev Yashin. Because I went to Paris a delegation from the Moscow “Dynamo” with which the whole life of Lev Ivanovich was connected. All day it was possible to see in social networks, for example, photos with the goalkeeper Moscow “Dynamo” Anton Shunin. It is said that the original script, to award the prize to the best goalkeeper was the grandson of the legendary goalkeeper Vasily Frolov. Basil, invited to Paris for the sake of it, learned the words, nervously uttered them and prepared. But at the last moment the organizers have changed the scenario and caused the scene of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich. But Vasily still greeted in the hall by lifting from the scene as the grandson of the man whose name is on the award.

Месси – шестикратный!

Messi wins the title of “Golden ball” for the sixth consecutive year. For this reason, the number of those who are trying to wrinkle your nose and arrogant to write in some kind of social media something like, “well, the status of the award falls, the sixth time the same Messi”.

Yes, since 2007, Messi or nominee, or winner. Yes, since 2008 received the award almost always just him or just Ronaldo. The exception was last year when one-time jumped on this pedestal Luka Modric. But this stability has led to the fact that Messi has become not just a brand, it is almost synonymous with modern football in General.

If you perceive the football not only from the point of view of its social function and not only as a place where you can shout from the stands “Football for fans, not for cops”, then you are already resigned to the fact that football is a business. Or rather, show business. So, without a commercial component here. As the IOC put it in 80-e years all the absurdities of the “professional athlete” and commercialized the Olympics, breathing a dying unprofitable project new life and the football authorities have gone from the previous goal of “supporting football” in non-football areas. The main thing – earnings. The main thing – a great show. The main thing – a cool and recognizable performers.

Therefore the scattering of a variety of characters, replacing each other on the football Olympus each year, and the visibility and stability. Who would buy a t-shirt? Yes, those who striker, who is the scorer. Preferably stable scorer. With a defender it will be harder. The striker who broke into the elite this year – too difficult. Because I don’t know what will happen next. Because Of Messi. Because when you turn your back Messi – Ronaldo.

Месси – шестикратный!

Forwards have a greater impact on the results and entertainment of football. Therefore, the chances of van Dyck was initially below

For many Messi is God. And not because I pray to him, hanging a poster on the wall. And because he is everywhere. But the others were just unlucky because they were born in the era when I was playing the best football.

And this, of course, with all the caveats. Like Messi in the team and Messi in the national team are two different players. In one case Barcelona play him, otherwise he tries unsuccessfully to pull up the collections to their level. Well, the second point: its well-known competitor – Ronaldo – decided on a bold experiment to move again to another country and start essentially anew. Now in the table of ranks he first dropped in the voting for the “Golden ball” below the second line – he’s third. Ronaldo is confident that Messi without him bored. It turns out that is not bored. But on the other hand, will decide whether the Argentinian is something like that? Ready for a new challenge? This is now the most interesting question.

About the Ronaldo we know all about how he goes to the gym after finishing the total workout that he does with his body what he eats and what he drinks, what he plans to do after his sports career. About Messi, we know much less. Its a great interview with France Football, on the occasion of the award is the exception rather the rule.

Месси – шестикратный!

source: “Soviet sport”

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