Mexican passion. Why you should watch the fourth race “Formula E”


This weekend in Mexico will host the fourth stage of the sixth season of “Formula E”. How events unfolded on the streets of Mexico city last year and what to expect from the race this year in preview

New season — new configuration

In 2020 at least two routes are “train” changed the Chile — “O’higgins Park”, where he passed the previous stage, and the circuit behalf of the brothers Rodriguez in Mexico for the fifth time hosting the series. After a series of dangerous incidents last season in the current year in the “Formula E” has decided to abandon the narrow Chikan. This innovation is pretty much impact on the configuration of the track in Mexico city: now after the second turn-arc riders instead maneuver to the right in the Chicane will rotate to the left and go to a bunch of five turns. Changed the last part of the ring: the completion of the circle will still be an arc that is no longer interrupted by the Chicane. The reason for lengthening of the route was the increasing number of cars on the grid compared to last year — 24 of the machine 22.

How was the race last year?

The winner of the Mexican sample stage 2019 Lucas Di Grassi called him the best in his career at the time. There is, what race in Mexico city was very entertaining. After the start there was the first crash: Nelson Piquet Jr. literally ran back to the car Jean-Eric Verne and due to the heavy damage came. There were many srepok Chikan and overtaking in a place where on a rather uncomfortable path is located “attack mode”. However, the main attention was drawn to the next Chapter of the epic with electricity. Fought for the podium Rolando Oliver and Sebastian Buemi, it does not have enough on the last lap, but race leader Pascal Wehrlein paid for “voracity” of your car even more valuable coin. In the last corner, just under the checkered flag, 1 battery% dropped to zero and coming close behind Pascal Di Grassi on the last meters ahead of the Germans and pulled out of his hands victory. Later Wehrlein is fined five-second penalty for a cut corner.

No less interesting was another side to racing and breakthroughs. Some pilots have proved that the circuit behalf of the brothers Rodriguez quite good for overtaking. That only is a success at the time of championship leader Jerome D Ambrosio. He managed to play 14 positions, at the start 18 and finish fourth. Such repeated and Robin Frijns, who crossed the line on the last lap in 11th place (starting the 20th).

Unlike the hot stage in Santiago, where the condition of the battery is deteriorated due to the excessively high temperature in Mexico a year earlier problems were an early red flag and a high intensity of the action on the track. It is not excluded that pilots at this stage will have to carefully monitor the amount of charge to avoid losing all earned for the race in the last meters.

The leader of the standings for the race in Mexico city sent Stoffel Vandorn, however, he come on the heels of Alex Sims and Sam bird. It is not excluded that the new configuration of the urban tracks will make the arrival even more spectacular and will give us a new winner.

Watch the broadcast of the race on Sunday at 0:55 on channel “Match! Game” and

“Formula E”. The world Cup

The fourth stage. Mexico city

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