Mike James arrived in Moscow. What will CSKA do?


Mike James arrived in Moscow. What will CSKA do?

CSKA is still undecided on the future of point guard Mike James . In March, the scandalous player was suspended from the matches of the Moscow team, and he was forced to finish the season in another place. James went to the NBA, but he did not manage to stay overseas for a long time. Yesterday CSKA reported that Mike, along with the rest of the players, returned to the location of the club.

“As of today, the club and the player have not come to an agreement on the terms of termination of the contract, so Mike, like other basketball players who have agreements with CSKA, will be at the club’s disposal. At the same time, James will train individually, without connecting to work with the main team, “- said in a message on the official website of CSKA.

Later it was reported that the army team’s coaching staff would not include the player in the application. If, of course, he stays in the team until the start of the new season. James himself does not plan to play for CSKA either. The player has other plans – a return to the NBA. He intends to hold a meeting with the club’s management, at which, apparently, the termination of the contract, valid until 2023, will be discussed. The head coach of Muscovites, Dimitris Itoudis , will most likely be present at it .

It was because of the conflict with Itoudis that James was suspended from playing for CSKA a few months ago. Subsequently, the American received permission from the club to play in the NBA and joined Brooklyn. He played for the Nets for the rest of the season and played 22 games in total. However, at the beginning of the month it became known that the American club did not make a qualifying offer to James. As a result, in the NBA, he received the status of an unlimited free agent.

One of the options for continuing his career in the NBA for James is called the transfer to the Los Angeles Lakers. The club has 12 players with guaranteed contracts. Before the start of the season, it is planned to sign two more, and leave one place in the roster free. The Los Angeles club recently watched James along with two other point guards, Isaiah Thomas and Darren Collison .

Thomas and Collison have a clear advantage over James – impressive NBA experience. Collison is an ambiguous character, to put it mildly. He last appeared on the site two years ago, after which he suddenly retired to devote himself to religious activities. There were already rumors about his return to the NBA last year. But the player himself said that faith is more important to him and he no longer plans to play basketball. So it’s hard to believe in signing it. Thomas missed almost the entire last season, having played only 10 days for the Pelicans. Despite everything, he still begs for another chance in the league and regularly reminds of it on Twitter. But, it is worth saying, it looks extremely motivated, and the truck is not asking for money anymore.

One way or another, in the updated Lakers roster, James, Thomas and Collison will not be able to qualify for a sufficient amount of playing time. And that’s a problem for Mike. But it’s still better than missing the whole season, staying out of the application for CSKA. Even while receiving a solid salary. The chances of James returning to the Moscow team are nil, although CSKA still need a quality point guard.

After Memphis refused to sign Kevin Pangos , it was expected that the Canadian would move to CSKA. But on the eve it became known about the interest from Cleveland. There are still no 100% guarantees that Pangos will receive a contract in the NBA. However, moving to the United States remains the player’s top priority.

The situation with James remains tense. CSKA clearly does not want to pay him a penalty in the amount of $ 5 million. But continuing to keep him in Moscow without being involved in matches is not the best option. How to get out of this situation, the army team, apparently, have not yet figured out how to get out of this situation. Although the time is running out every day. Probably, the situation will develop after Mike’s upcoming meeting with the leadership. But already now, CSKA made it clear that they do not intend to return James to the team.


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