Morozov was appointed. In the KHL all be as in Chernyshenko


As expected, the new and the third time that a President of the KHL was Aleksey Morozov. He signed a contract for four years.

No revolution! Managing Director of the Youth hockey League Alexei Morozov absentee voting members of the Board of Directors of the League appointed by the President of the Continental hockey League. However, he will maintain the post until the election of the new head of MHL.

Frost also remains President “wings of the Soviets”, presented at the hockey card team in the MHL and the school, working very productively.

Those who expected drastic changes in the NHL, I hasten to reassure him: no choice and could not be. As the Board of Directors of the League is headed by Gennady Timchenko.

Frost – the figure is recognizable and reputable. But little managerial experience. The question “How has the MHL with Morozov?” will leave to the readers and fans. His forerunner, Dmitry Efimov was fantazirovat ideas, MHL conducted a variety of competitions, the team the League’s “Red stars” went to the series against the teams of the universities of the United States…

Almost native to Morozov’s “Wings” – and that the ocean is still one of the most recognizable brands of our hockey – is quietly playing in the MHL, no longer pretending. Having the appropriate objectives of stable funding from that source, and “Spartak”. Even in the playoffs is unlikely to fall.

Of course, I was displeased by the words of Igor Larionov in hot pursuit MCM-2020: “In the MHL – corruption…” frost answered them promptly, and the scandal ended before it began.

Morozov in his new post, any drastic steps to do not going to stand for a hard salary cap to 900 million rubles than dissatisfied with the President FHR Vladislav Tretiak and some of the heads of the clubs.

What Rene Fasel, whose term as head of the IIHF expires in September? He was married off to the President of the KHL? Long said that the Swiss will work in Russia. But in what capacity? I do not do the main referee of the KHL? It is unlikely, too small for him. The more that this post is Alexei Anisimov, part of the Board of Directors of the League. It is evidence of an evaluation.

However, now the Fasel to speak and think not the time. After two weeks in the NHL, the start of the playoffs. And in the summer the League would leave her young and veternity stars (not going to name names), who went by the fans. Interestingly, the hard salary cap will increase the attendance in the NHL. Professor Larionov here admitted that he leaves the League long before their expiration date.

source: “Soviet sport”

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