Nadal started watching “Chernobyl” after the victory over Medvedev at the US Open


© REUTERS / Robert Deutsch, Rafael NadalНадаль начал смотреть "Чернобыль" после победы над Медведевым на US Open

The second racket of the world Spaniard Raphael Nadal has told how he is resting after winning the Open championship of the USA on tennis.

On Sunday, 33-year-old Nadal beat Russian Daniil Medvedev in pyatisetovy the final match of the US Open in 19-th time has won the tournament series Grand slam. After the match, the Spaniard said that Medvedev occupies the fourth place in the ranking ATP.

“I lie at home on the couch and trying not to think about tennis. I started watching the TV series “Chernobyl” and “a Very strange case,” – quoted him as saying Marca.

For 23-year-old Russian match against Nadal was the first final of the Grand slam tournament.

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