Named the major errors in the seasonal change of wheels


© RIA Novosti / Konstantin Chalabov / switch to BankWork tire shopНазваны основные ошибки при сезонной смене колес

The magazineBehind the wheel” called the main mistakes made by car owners when a seasonal change of wheels.

First, it is improper storage of the wheels. As the author points out, are the recommendations for off-season storage of the wheels: they should be in a cool, dry, ventilated area. When this tires without discs you can put on the floor and wheel Assembly — putting it in a pile or hung so that they do not touch the floor. “Breach of storage is fraught with deformation of the rubber, the emergence of latent defects can lead to rupture of the tire under load,” he notes.

Second, the owners often use too old the rubber, which, however, has a limited life, the newspaper notes.

In addition, some motorists make the mistake of setting on the machine, “curves” rims. They cause an imbalance that creates unnecessary strain on the suspension component, the author notes.

Fourth mistake is the improper installation of tires, which leads to its rapid deterioration and a marked deterioration of drivability, the publication.

Another mistake, as the author notes, is the improper tightening of bolts. They need to be tightened crosswise in sequence using a torque wrench to correct torque according to the material.

You must also correctly set the tire pressure in accordance with the manual car, the author notes. Incorrect pressure can lead to significant deterioration of driveability, increase fuel consumption and rapid tire wear, he continues.

The error, according to the publication, there is no balancing of the wheels. This procedure theoretically should spend about once a year, with many motorists, changing the wheel Assembly, not balancing them for years, which causes imbalance and deterioration of the behavior of the car on the road.

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