Nemirovsky: hockey players “a torpedo” it was important to beat CSKA


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko / Go in banks ofPlayers “a torpedo” Vladimir galouzine, Anton schönfeld, Denis Parshin and Andrew Calof (left to right foreground) and head coach of “torpedo” David NemirovskyНемировски: хоккеистам "Торпедо" было важно победить ЦСКА

Sergey Litvak. Ice hockey “torpedo” came to the match of the KHL against CSKA in a good mood because the team was very important to win, said coach Nizhegorodtsev David Nemirovsky.

“Torpedo” in the first home match of the regular season CHL beat in overtime CSKA with the score 2:1.

“We came out with a good attitude, because it was very important to win. Again played well, with good movement, played quickly, because CSKA is very difficult to play slowly, they have a good defense, you need quick decisions, passing and skating, then there will be chances to score goals. The only negative today – the game most,” said Nemirovsky reporters.

“Today was a lot of chances, played 5 on 3, it was necessary to score. And in General the team are happy today, all the guys played well today. Especially the goalkeepers of both teams. Maybe partly because of this and scored a little. But I can not say about the quality of the ice. Yes, both teams are in equal conditions, but the ice is terrible. It was very hard to play because of this”, – said the expert.

“Torpedo” for a long time complains about the quality of the ice at their home arena. “Give the last pass and the puck does not fly. Because of this, the game suffered for both teams. And it’s not that warm outside. We have to solve the issue. Changing the operating mode (refrigeration unit) because of the skaters, then we have terrible ice and in training and in the game. And it’s not the first time. The opponent is also affected, increasing the risk of injury,” – said Nemirovsky.

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