NHL players, who were caught with drugs. What happened to them


History of drug use by players is not new. It is unclear what will happen with Evgeny Kuznetsov on, “championship” decided to recall the players who were caught using drugs.

Grant Fyur

What happened: in 1990, Fyur won their fifth Stanley Cup, but later admitted in an interview that in the 1980s, periodically snorting cocaine and lying to the leadership of Edmonton that he’s clean. In the summer of 1989, he privately was in rehab.

How it ended: the NHL jumped at interview and disqualified Fir in the 1990/91 season with no pay. However, it later reduced the suspension to 59 matches. Für played a few years, and is now a member of the Hall of fame.

Bob Probert

What happened: Probert forged his fame with his fists, protecting the star Detroit red wings Steve Yzerman. Gay life in the NHL and the status of one of the main Tagaev League turned Probert head. He drank, and then he became addicted to drugs. In 1989 he tried to cross the border with Canada with 14 grams of cocaine in his underwear. Six months he spent in prison, and the NHL gave him an indefinite suspension.

How it ended: with Proberta disqualification was removed, but his problems with alcohol and drugs continued. In 1994, he was involved in the accident, his blood was detected horse alcohol content and traces of cocaine. In “Detroit,” he already rather tired, but Probert was treated and moved to Chicago.

A few years Probert stay sober, but then he did it again and even after his career he regularly got into all sorts of trouble. Of course, influenced taphysique the past – the human body is not iron, loads of fights, alcohol and drugs do not go unnoticed. In 2010, he died of a heart attack.

Theo Fleury

What happened: Fleury was born with problems, his mother used drugs even during pregnancy. Bad heredity, a temper, the glory of the NHL – the drugs were just the next step. And after going to the Rangers he got out of control – constant hanging out with shady characters, rivers of alcohol and mountains of cocaine. However, in 2000, the year he voluntarily goes to rehab. Then told me how I took the piss of her little son instead of his on the checks in the NHL.

How it ended: the NHL a few times, Fleury was disqualified for violation of the treatment program from addiction. The last suspension ended his career in the NHL. Fleury now uses, but 10 years ago he published a book, which frankly told about all your troubles.

What happened: the 33-year-old Medvedev decided to go overseas for the first time in his career and signed a contract with “Philadelphia”. Just a few days after the end of the season 2015/16 (“pilots,” then missed the playoffs) he was arrested on suspicion in driving in an alcohol intoxication.

Hockey is quickly released, but then was charged with, including possession of drugs and related paraphernalia. However, in the blood, Medvedev brought it in two times exceeded the permissible norm.

How it ended: nothing. Medvedev’s contract with “Philadelphia” was up, he returned to Russia for three years and played for Avangard, reaching with the team to the Gagarin Cup finals this spring.

What happened: before the start of the season-2018/19, the name of Lehtera appeared in the criminal chronicle. It was associated with the group of drug dealers who was seized 2 kilograms of cocaine. Lehtera did not arrest, just questioning. Was Finn involved in the drug trade, whether to buy the cocaine itself is an open question. It is on this subject does not want to talk.

How it ended: Lehtera started the season in Philadelphia, though, scored just three points in 27 games, and winter was sent to the AHL through the draft failures. In the spring, the court sentenced him to four months probation. Striker denies guilt (at trial, he had already appeared as the purchaser of the drug). In “Philadelphia” his contract expired, now Lehtera will play for SKA.

Mike Richards

What happened: in the summer of 2015 two-time Stanley Cup winner and Olympic champion Mike Richards was stopped at the border of USA and Canada. He found the oxycodone is a strong painkiller that causes addiction.

How it ended: after a couple of weeks after his arrest, “Los Angeles” broke the contract with Richards for a “material breach”. New team striker found only in January and in late February, the court lifted the charges against him. The season has been for Richards last in the career.

Jarret Stoll

What happened: another player the kings, who also fell in the year 2015, only in the spring. He tried to carry to a party in one of the pools of Las Vegas three grams of cocaine and several ecstasy pills. That before entering you have to pass mandatory inspection, he had not thought of. When he took “red-handed”, he even did not deny it.

How it ended: in June Stahl pleaded guilty, and he knocked off the punishment, assigning a total of 32 hours of community service. At the end of that summer, he signed a new contract with Rangers, then he was traded to Minnesota, where he completed a career.

Ryan Malone

What happened: Malone allowed himself to relax just before the end of the regular season of the 2013-14 season. The police stopped his car, smelled alcohol, and at the same time decided to search his pockets. And there was a bag of cocaine. Hockey player trying to play the fool and said that he did not know how he got in my pants took drugs.

How it ended: at final check-out “Tampa” Malone took in the playoffs then he is also not played. And in the summer the club bought out the last year of his contract. The player still managed to find a new team, but having played six games for the Rangers, was sent to the AHL, and then ended his career (by the way, he temporarily resumed it in season 2017/18, hoping to get to the Olympics. But it never took).

Don Murdoch

What happened: Murdock was a promising player, but not for long. At 19, he set a NHL record, becoming the youngest player who scored the five goals. And at 21 he was caught at the airport in Toronto — he was carrying almost five grams of cocaine in a sock.

How it ended: in court, Murdock got off lightly, but the NHL arranged a demonstration spanking. At first fined, and a year later suspended him for the season 1978/79. Later, however, took pity and reduced the suspension to 40 matches. Murdoch returned to action, scored 37 points in 40 games, and then helped the Rangers reach the Stanley Cup finals. However, in the future, his career began to decline – after a couple of years in the NHL for a long time he played in the lower leagues.

Yere Of Karalahti

What happened: Karalahti in the early 2000s played a few seasons in the NHL, constantly played for the Finnish national team and even played in the KHL for Minsk “Dynamo” and “Jokerit”. About their problems with drugs, he told himself. For the first time he was caught in Finland in 1996 with a whole bunch of – marijuana, amphetamine and heroin, which led to the temporary suspension in the Finnish League.

How it ended: Karalahti not refuse from bad habits and in the NHL, preferring not to inject heroin and smoke it. He thought that it will be able to hide their relationship, but the truth came out. In 2002 he was disqualified, and Karalahti returned to Finland. There he again took up the old – in 2007, he was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. In 2008, he got 20 months probation, and a fine of 10 thousand euros.

Brent Mires

What happened: Mires was a tough guy, and an alcoholic and a drug addict. He drank since the age of 17, to cocaine addicted 23. The NHL tried to pull it out of the marsh, it is four times disqualified for positive tests for cocaine, tried many times to heal. Nothing worked, one time he almost died after a cocaine night. In the end, Mires received a life ban to play in professional leagues in North America.

How it ended: the striker went to the UK, but lasted a couple of weeks. Pubs on every corner is not combined with a sober lifestyle. Mires continued partying and once it got to the point that he wrecked the house. After that, he got wise and took the treatment. A few years later he even took a job in the “Los Angeles”, he advised young players.

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