Nikita Pavlenko – about the series “The Master”: “It’s very rare to get a chance to play real heroes”


Actor Nikita Pavlenko shared his emotions from shooting in the series “Master” about the team “KAMAZ-Master”.

– It still doesn’t let me go. Very rarely in our profession there is a chance to play real heroes, spirit people. Do we always have the option to be there? where they wanted and dreamed. And also where they did not imagine and did not think. I am delighted to have had the chance to immortalize our legendary and great team. 

Of course, I knew about KAMAZ-Master. Somewhere from the age of 6-7, thanks to my dad, I was passionate about sports. I heard about the team when I was young. I didn’t know thoroughly, but I was always interested. When I just received the script and the information that I could apply for such a project, I was elated, inspired and went to my desire. 

You can always read the script, but before filming you don’t know how it will be. We were preparing for the role. Some stories about boys are of tremendous interest. It is much more interesting to play with him. With such a dive, you don’t feel the difference. Just put on the uniform and immediately feel like a racer. 

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