Now look teammates Michael Schumacher: photos then and now


Sounds like you liked the material about the main rivals Michael Schumacher during his first coming into Formula 1. And we have to the text in any case planned to make a separate about how to look companions of Michael. Teammate was lower than competitors, so this time I took and the era of the 2010s, taking Nico Rosberg. Not considered only Andrea de Cesaris — still with him, the German has played just one Grand Prix, where I drove round.

Nelson Piquet

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then, Rapidly moving to Benetton, Michael found Commandino three times world champion. It was a great landmark for a young driver, well and the Brazilian quickly appreciated the potential of Schumacher and came to the conclusion that his own time in f-1 coming to an end. So Nelson and Michael spent together only the final stages of the 1991 season, in which three times fell into the glasses.

Now: Peak — a happy family man and grandfather, watching the successes of his numerous offspring. Nelson, Jr., after the scandal in Formula 1 still became a champion, winning the debut season of Formula E. Now at the forefront of the younger son, Pedro, who after a fifth place in the Formula 3 is preparing to debut in f-2. Well, the Peak-meanwhile senior nurses his granddaughter — the daughter of Kelly and Daniel quata.

Martin Brandl

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then: If you don’t count Nico Rosberg, Martin’s partner, which delivered Schumacher the most problems. Let the Briton on points and lost the young German 38-53, but as they say, in “Benetton” considered Brandl even too competitive and independent, despite the fact that they themselves were already planning to build the team around a particular number. So a new contract was not offered Martin.

Now: Brandl spent another four seasons in the “Ligier”, “McLaren” and “Jordan”, before you can successfully retrain as an expert television commentator and Manager drivers. Martin had many years working with Sky Sports. But with the management Brandl gradually gave up, although his clients were David Coulthard, Gary Paffett and Mike Conway. Son Brandl Alex for many years quite successfully performed in endurance races, on account of his two podium in the “24 hours of Le Mans” in the LMP2 category.

Ricardo Patrese

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then: the Italian, not made friends with active suspension, moved to the “Benetton” of “Williams” and in some measure justified the hopes of the team he was clearly inferior to Schumacher and not “prevented”. He Patrese, however, was disappointed with how the season has developed, and it was after he decided to leave Formula 1.

Now: After participating in the “24 hours of Le Mans” 1997 ricciardo finally ended his career. For a long time the Italian has retained the record for the highest number of Grand Prix in f-1 — 257. Only in 2008, Patrese got ahead of Rubens Barrichello. Riccardo willingly participates in exhibition races on the technique of past years.

Jos Verstappen

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then: in fact in 1994, the young Dutchman was not to be in Formula-1. Verstappen took Benetton’s reserve driver, but after a serious accident at the winter tests Lehto Jos temporarily moved to the role of the primary pilot. Not having sufficient experience and because of the apparent concentration of the team on the leader Verstappen predictably failed, only once standing on the podium. The Dutchman was not allowed to finish the season, he some time was connected with the “Benetton”, but a new chance team was not provided with after the departure of Schumacher.

Now: Jos still entrenched in Formula 1, gave some bright performances behind the wheel of a modest “Arrosa” and even “Simtek”. Still, advances Verstappen did not meet, but has gained a lot of experience that makes maximum use in raising their son max. Here Verstappen Jr. went immediately — despite young age and minimal experience in “formulas”. Well, dad glimpsed in the pits, although it is now smaller: Max headed for greater autonomy, and Jos too frequently shone in different domestic scandals and began to spoil the image of a talented son.

JJ Lehto

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then, it Seemed, Finn pulled the lucky ticket when he became a partner Schumacher in the season-94, but it was over after the accident on the tests. Lehto missed the start of the race, then returned to heal the injury and could not show the old speed — not what bother Michael in the same way as it was done by Brandl. Lehto was dismissed, he got the last two chances after the disqualification of German, but again manifested itself. Six races on the “Benetton” — and only one finish in the points (sixth position in Canada).

Now: After retiring from f-1 Lehto twice won the “24 hours of Le Mans” in the overall classification, became the Vice-champion FIA GT, and in 2004 also won ALMS – in General, spent more than a successful career. In 2010, Finn got into a very unpleasant story: while driving the boat crashed into a bridge, causing a passenger boat were killed. Lehto was charged with manslaughter, was sentenced to 28 months in prison but a higher court overturned the verdict due to insufficient evidence. In 2017, Jay-Jay was involved in a serious accident on a go-kart track, after which he had to undergo several operations and even some time to move around on a wheelchair.

Johnny Herbert

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then, After the failure of Verstappen and Lehto, exactly, johnny has become a new partner Schumacher. Initially business was slow, and there were rumors that the British can disembark from the cockpit directly in the course of the season-95, but in a moment Herbert took victory at Silverstone after the collision Schumacher and hill. Then johnny won again at Monza (without the accident, Michael Damon again has not done) and eventually he helped Benetton win their first and only constructors championship. However, Flavio Briatore decided to leave the Briton in the team even in light of the departure of Schumacher, taking the Duo Alesi-Berger.

Now johnny spoke in f-1 until the end of 2000, and again won in the “Stuart” in a crazy Grand Prix of Europe — 1999. After retiring from f-1 three times became the second in the “24 hours of Le Mans” (this marathon johnny also won in 1991). Finally hung up the gloves in 2012, and then focused on the role of a racing expert, working on Sky Sports.

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then the Irishman unexpectedly became the partner of Michael in a Ferrari — it was considered that much more likely his partner “Jordan” Rubens Barrichello, and the “Scuderia” for a long time tried to persuade Gerhard Berger. But in the end, with Eddie Ferrari was not wrong. At first he was extremely unstable and often got in the accident, however, it sometimes could surprise: for example, ahead of Schumacher in the first joint qualification, and in 1997 gave the divine opening race at the “Suzuka”. Work side by side with Schumacher allowed Irvine grow significantly as the pilot and when in 1999, Michael broke his leg, Eddie until the last race claimed the title, but in the end remained Vice-champion. By this time Irvine already feeling uncomfortable in the role of “servants” of the German and he went to “Auger”.

Now: Three years with the British team did not bring Irvine happiness — only a couple of podiums. At the end of 2002, Eddie left the f-1 and enjoys life — a benefit that earned the Irishman not only with contracts in Formula 1, but also a successful investment and gambling. Sister of Eddie Sonia organizes every year a charity fashion show at Amber Lounge with the participation of pilots in the framework of the racing weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Video can be viewed on the “Championship”.

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then: Rubens still got to Ferrari — even in 2000, not 1996. the Brazilian Himself every year that he is going to fight for the title, but everyone understood that Barrichello played the role of the second issue, although at times gave the most powerful performances like the first career win at the German Grand Prix of 2000 at the start from the 18th position. Several times Rubens roughly pointed in his place: all the memorable Grand Prix of Austria 2002 when Barrichello let Schumacher ahead before the finish, although before the race, the Brazilian promised that the fight will be fair, but in the end blackmailed the new contract.

Now: Rubens still has a chance at the championship in 2009 with “brown”. However, in the first half of the championship Barrichello lost the Button too many points. The Brazilian left f-1 after two more seasons with “Williams”. Recently, Rubens made the fans worried: he has been struck with a stroke (fortunately, without consequences), and then had to cut out a benign tumor. But the Brazilian came roaring back behind the wheel and is still favored in the race at the local level.

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then, When Barrichello had enough, a Ferrari took the young compatriot of Rubens, who was trained in the “Zauber”. Felipe adequately carried out with Michael and 2006, winning in Turkey and Brazil (along with Bahrain that for him the three most successful tracks in f-1). They even say that it is for the Masses, Schumacher has decided to retire: “Ferrari” has already signed a contract with Raikkonen, so if the Germans had remained at 2007, the price Felipe.

Now: the Mass had to leave Formula 1 at the end of 2016, but the end of his career, Nico Rosberg suddenly re-opened a vacancy in the “Williams”, where Felipe spent a year. Then the Mass moved on to Formula-E, and in parallel headed the International Commission FIA karting.

Как сейчас выглядят напарники Михаэля Шумахера: фото тогда и сейчас

Then: the Son of Keke lucky. Still, he opposed the already “old” and missed three years Schumacher, who had lost himself the championship of the sample years. In all three seasons of joint statements, Rosberg ahead of Michael in the standings: after the defeat in the first year (72-142) Michael tightened (76-89), but again badly defeated in 2012 (49-93). Although in the same season-2012 was nuances: for example, Schumacher lost a likely podium in China and was stripped of pole position in Monaco.

Now: Instead of Schumi, Rosberg got partnered Hamilton with honor coped with this challenge. Yes, in General inferior, but I was there and took my chance in 2016, then wisely decided to retire. Ago Nico seems to be not drawn: it feels quite self-sufficient in the role of searching podcaster, happy father’s family and the minority shareholder of Formula E.

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