“Now to win the Stanley Cup, every team”. The General Manager of “Washington” — about changing the format of the tournament


General Manager of “Washington” Brian McLellan believes that the playoffs of the NHL this season will be very resistant because of the temporary format change.

— Games will definitely be very stubborn. We will be meeting with the good teams: Tampa Bay, Boston and Philadelphia were in our group. I think that the composition of participants is extremely smooth. Not call the situation perfect, but it is quite good. If you look at the situation, so to win the Stanley Cup, every team. I am sure that many are ready to thwart rivals, there can happen anything. We are waiting for a fierce and interesting fight, and those who lose, they very much will be upset. But I am sure that to observe this spectacle will be fun — said the head.

The organizers have changed the format of the playoffs, as the pandemic coronavirus infection was impossible to finish the regular season. In the end, the fight for the Stanley Cup are 24 club.

“Washington” was in a mini-tournament, where opponents will be “Boston”, “Tampa Bay” and “Philadelphia.”

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