Nurmagomedov has justified his silence after McGregor of Dagestanis


The Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Khabib Nurmagomedov commented on the recent performance of the Irish Conor McGregor in Moscow. About it the correspondent “”.

“I see no reason to respond to his behavior. I have shown in the cage,” said 31-year-old fighter. He also added that the Irish athlete must win a series of victories to rely on second fight with him.

24 Oct McGregor spoke at a press conference in Moscow. In particular, he stated that Nurmagomedov “running from meeting with him”, called the Russian “a coward” and added that this feature is inherent in the people. This provoked a strong reaction from representatives of the Dagestani Diaspora in Moscow. Next to the hotel, where he stopped the soldier had been unhappy with his words Dagestanis. This was followed by the incident at the open training session of an athlete when his side threw a bottle of yellow liquid.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov met in the octagon in October 2018 at the tournament of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC). Nurmagomedov defended the belt of the champion of the organization in the lightweight division. After the fight in the octagon and outside of it there was a scuffle involving fighters. The conflict continued in social networks. McGregor has repeatedly insulted the Russian Twitter and expressed their desire to re-enter the battle against him.

In the asset Nurmagomedov 28 wins in 28 fights by the rules MMA. He is the second UFC fighter in the ranking without taking into account weight categories.

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