Oleg Znarka worst start in the NHL. His “Spartacus” takes time and reinforcement


The arrival of Oleg Znarka in “Spartak” – one of the main news of the hockey off-season. Not every day at the helm of the red-white stands a former coach of Russian national team with a bunch of regalia – even if some of them were extracted in tournaments with not the strongest composition of the participants.

Together with Harijs Vitolinsh Znarok led the team, Denis Kokarev and Patrick Hursley, which took Gagarin Cup “Dynamo” and SKA. Came Alexander Kutuzov and Gennady Stolyarov, their coach also knows for a long time. You can’t call it a strengthening global restructuring, but the purpose of the contract with Sarcom certainly is the transfer team from a group of average people if not the leaders, it is closer to them. Coaching clubs other status he was not accustomed. But I guess it has made personnel changes are not enough.

У Олега Знарка худший старт в КХЛ. Его «Спартаку» нужно время и усиление

Oleg Znarok / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko

It is difficult to ask with a new coaching staff in three consecutive defeats for the mayor’s Cup is still the preseason. But the failure of the three “Dynamo” – have something to worry about. Usually new coaches added to the team the freshness that helps at least a few games after his appointment. Now it is clear that snurkowski Spartak is looking for his game, and this just started.

Oasis red and white was winning in Yaroslavl. Against the background of failure with Riga and Minsk – doubly amazing. The key lies in the shock five minutes in the middle of the match with four goals “the locomotive”. In the absence of a clear structure of the game something like this should have been “Spartak” in a match with “Avant-garde”. Also, incidentally, launched interesting – victories over CSKA, Jokerit and torpedo, but defeat from “Severstal” 1:5.

To it Spartacus began again in the second period. Attacked for a long time, almost five minutes without a break, different links. But instead the gap got themselves a doublet. First triggered a bunch Shirokov – Andrighetto, and after 20 seconds cool bakanda threw Evgeny Grachev. Could be the third disc, if the debutant Pavel Khomchenko not made a few nice saves. Remembered for his exit ahead of the same Andrighetto in the third period when the game went almost without a middle zone.

У Олега Знарка худший старт в КХЛ. Его «Спартаку» нужно время и усиление

The match between commands “Spartak” and “avant-garde” / Photo: © Vasily Ponomarev /

It is difficult to find the Spartak defender, who had failed in these five matches. Attacks a lot, but not enough sharpness in particular, this applies to most teams. In the individual segments was not fast enough – felt that the team was one of the oldest in the League. The only thing the “Spartacus” order is long range. Very bad mood in the locker room red-and-white saved a good shot Kokarev, and the tie was due to the ingress Evgeny Kulik.

But the success of Muscovites ended. The match could be a breakthrough for Khomchenko, but it’s an error in overtime led to a fourth defeat in five matches. Given the injury Hudacek and unstable game Bespalova, it became clear that the problems of “Spartacus” is absolutely in all lines.

“Bob, I need you to wait, or what?” – shouted Znarok to be late for the press conference to a colleague Hartley. The attention of journalists and funny episode after the match – not all what he’s capable of. Now Oleg Valeryevich needs to remind the team how to win. The first results of his work in “Spartacus” makes sense to fail no sooner than two months after the start of the season. While there is no catastrophe: without glasses red-and-whites were still only one day. But starts worse than it is now, Oleg Znarka in the NHL was not.

KHL. The regular season

“Spartak” (Moscow) — “avant-guard” (Omsk region) — 2:3(0:0, 1:2, 1:0, 0:1)

Goals: Kokarev, 38:51. Kulik, 52:00. — Andrighetto, 24:52. Grachev, 25:12. Beck, 60:28 (VIDEO).

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