Oleh Kononov: we Want to win now, not in 70 years


Press-conference of Oleg Kononov and Viktor Goncharenko after Derby Spartak – CSKA (2:1).


– If children get into the stadium for these games, they must remain in football forever. The game was very good for intensity and execution. We looked a bit better, but this is not the first time we look better and not winning. Moments like Fedor Chalova, should be implemented. If the striker does not act on those moments, it’s hard to expect to win.

Apparently, we still need to fill the cones. Very easy Diveev, Igor gave to score the second goal. When you’re missing from the standard position, it is always very difficult to talk with the team. In these games we will continue to grow.

– What did you say to Sergey Karasev, after the second goal of “Spartacus”?
– Suitable Karasev and says we need to stop the game because VAR does not see the field. Nothing has changed, smokescreen left, and the game resumed. Why, then, was to stop? The rhythm fell, stood for a long time.

Although the teams in equal conditions. It is necessary to show character. When the score became 1:1, somehow began to play on deterrence. I had to try to go forward.

– How hard was it to guess the lineup?
– I can’t say that it is difficult. Four defenders and the defensive Midfielders play the same. Was Zelimkhan Bakaev with Andre Schurrle. The only thing that Him and Gus the Thila we had cuts, in order to understand how to resist them.

– What Dmitry Efremov?
– He had something with his knee. Took him to the hospital.

Derby never easy. It’s nice that we won at their stadium with a huge support of our fans. The first half was equal, and in the second we were stronger. Although the ending was difficult for us. Congratulations to the team on the victory.

– Does it bother you that in the first half Spartak is playing a clearly weaker?
– Of course it does, why the team is rigid and does not include the speed. This was said during the break. Will conduct a serious investigation and will work on it. We have in the first half there were moments were the moments at CSKA. And they just had more possession that us does not like it.

– Why is Jordan Larsson has played on the right flank, and Zelimkhan – on the left?
– Larsson also scored their goals in Sweden. Give him the opportunity to play on the right flank, because he has recently arrived. In his position adaptation will be faster. When you see that he starts to get comfortable, I’ll use it more diverse. The same applies to Bakayev. Only Schurrle plays all four positions in the attack. Bakaev and Larsson is young and needs to adapt to playing in their positions.

– Okay that Samuel Gigot – the best bombardir “Spartaka” in RPL?
– That’s fine. Very happy for Gigot. Remember Franz Beckenbauer. When he scored, in childhood we treated it with enthusiasm. Each player has their best qualities, and my goal is not to undermine them, and to give the opportunity to implement. At any position, but within the game we want to see.

– Why Regioin of Mirzov in one episode, don ran to close the empty area in the defense?
– We criticize players. That’s right. Each player must have a balance in attack and defense. If he doesn’t run into the selection, then, was not strong enough. He did a few jerks in the attack.

– After the fourth victory in a row, it becomes easier psychologically?
– With each victory, the team becomes more confident. If we are talking about me, it’s my job. But it’s “Spartak”. Here I’m not the first coach and I’m not the last. “Spartak” should win. If he doesn’t win, there will always be pressure on the coach and then the players. I pressure normally perceive, realize that we are in “Spartacus”. I want to win now, not when I’m 70 years old. We all aimed at this.

– How would you rate the schedule of the next matches?
– Schedule tough. We face a very good team in the RPL and the Europa League. Did you see that “Tun” is not an easy team. Next week will be generally very hard – in a match two days later on the third. It’s three games in six days. Our task is to restore playing and to give tone to those who did not play. Now the rotation will be. It is important the coaching staff together to work this cycle.

– What is more important – backowski style of football or win at any cost?
Style important. Really wish this style was in “Spartacus”. The style was a system in the matchmaking, and in the training process. Want to see Spartak played in the same football that we still remember with victories and winning trophies. We are accountable to the fans.

source: “Soviet sport”

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