On the style: players of “Severstal” came to the match on “Penny”


Forward Daniil Vovchenko brought the game to its partners on a retro car, but to be 100% happy with the car failed

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The innovation League about the fact that the players for the matches now are required to wear costumes, hockey players “Severstal” have reacted responsibly. Bright, fashionable, style – Daniil Vovchenko partners drove to the Ice on your VAZ 2101, popularly referred to as “Penny”. And what – only Buchnevich on “rare cars” Cherepovets roll? And by the way, happy transport it – forward “Severstal” has opened the score his goals this season. In one attack, in the fall, Vovchenko sharp throw sent the puck into the net “Jokerit”.

“Long ago hatched the idea to come to the game on this my car. That’s finally happened. The guys were cheering Khabarov, Geras’kin and Kodola with me rolled. Wow, now we come to the hockey costumes – this gives solidity,” – said the forward of “Severstal” Daniil Vovchenko

– And where do you find such a car have?
– Bought some grandfather from Rybinsk. My brother previously had the same car, only green. We roof cut – type convertible was.

But she was the only one performed by Almaz, while the guests scored four – the first time the Finns caught the hosts on the change, then clearly beat the defenders, then a ridiculous ricochet and empty in the end.

“We started well, and then 35 minutes very hard we was. Severstal is constantly attacked. Can note game of our goalkeeper Kalnins – he in many moments dragged,” said Lawrkareas, head coach of Jokerit.

На стиле: игроки «Северстали» приехали на матч на «Копейке»

Mentor Almaz also gave his assessment of his team:

“Today, with good game play and a lot of things are lost. It’s hockey and then wins the one who scores more. If you look at statistics, we beat “Jokerit” on many indicators stayed longer in the zone of the opponent, throwing more on target was faster, but the Finns – competent opponent, even their infrequent forays to our gate was very dangerous. We have the same suffering sales, most still not working. But guys do not claim to have, they tried. Further work”, – summed up the head coach of “Severstal” Andrei Razin.

– Before the next match two days. How will you prepare?
– First and foremost, boys need to recover, and when you defeat this process takes longer.

– “Severstal” difficult start of the season – the games with strong rivals, top clubs. It is also a psychological influence on the team?
– To us with them still to play between now and then. We beat Avangard and psychologically rose, but came CSKA, and CSKA above everyone’s head at the moment. We had such a calendar. Today’s top clubs, and then there will be a series of home games with our direct competitors in the playoffs. I hope that we will approach him in the best shape.

source: “Soviet sport”

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