Panarin, HART, Shesterkina – Calder! And Lundqvist is preparing for retirement?


New York the Russians dragged the Rangers in the playoffs and the success of the mission can claim the titles of MVP of the season and best rookie.

The Rangers, who arrived in Carolina on the 20th place in the General table NHL, won their seventh consecutive win on the road (5:2) and reduced the backlog from the zone wild card to five points. Team Svechnikova, which Ovi and To constantly suffer for two years, boys from the Broadway cast in the fourth match of this season out of four!

Goalie Igor Shesterkin won the eighth of nine games in the NHL, which debuted earlier in the year, and continues to Excel in the entire League for percentage of reflected throws – 93,8.

Forward Artemiy Panarin scored 2 (1+1) points, closing the eighth and opened the ninth ten – 81 (31+50) points for the season. He beat Connor McDavid (30 goals, 51 transmission), rising to fourth in the top scorers ‘ list, behind Leon Dreiseitl by 16 points. But if the German’s usefulness, or rather uselessness has reached “minus 10” and his teammate “Edmonton” another great van II – “minus 7”, the Russians and then took a new height: exchanged the fourth decade – “plus 31”. The absolute leader among all forwards in the NHL and second in the League after the defender “Colorado” Ryan graves – “plus 42”.

Imagine where would the Rangers ‘ eight wins Shesterkin and 81 points Panarin – clear where: they would be stupid to finish the season as the “new Jersey” or “Detroit.” That is why I believe that Bread is literally the most useful in the League, for single-handedly transformed before one of the worst teams in the NHL, but the Russian goalkeeper is the best debutant of the NHL at least in 2020. If Igor continues to pull out hopeless matches, that can really get involved in the fight for the Calder Trophy. While the Muscovite, of course, not up to the defenders Quentin Hughes (Vancouver) – 47 (8+39) points in 59 games and Cale Makar (Colorado) – 45 (12+33) 52, and the forward of “Chicago” Dominic Kubalik – 25 goals. But decide to finish the regular season.

However, still not everything depends on Shesterkin. The team needs to help him more. Take, for example, the first goal of the “Carolina’s”… is Fully on the conscience of the defenders of the Fox and the Pipes! McGinn calmly rolled in the area of new York, leisurely got ready to roll, chose the perfect position, shifted from the right flank to the center, and simply shot Shesterkin. Beginner Fox in the first place and experienced Trumpet in the second watched the maneuvers forward of the enemy, like the stone idols of Easter island. Error level coach. Such childishness should burn with a hot metal!

And the insights the coaches are doing, for all the punctures visible wards, pre-school. The most important thing – the “Rangers” in the last two months the best in the NHL on the game in the unequal composition. To stay in Carolina they neutralized their 16 deletions in a row. And Aho, making the score 2:4 in the 46th minute, not had to implement odd if the partners Shesterkin was efficient and threw to orphan the puck from the slot. According to the majority, which in the 42nd minute used Panarin, “Rangers”, if you take the period from 24 November last year – second in the NHL. After “Pittsburgh”, where the spetsbrigada come from two geniuses – Malkin and Crosby.

Well, on Lundquist. I was amazed when the post-match procedure, congratulations to the entire team goalkeeper for the winner, I saw in the role of understudy, not the Swedish veteran, and Georgieva. It was the first time in the season when Lundqvist was not undressed on the game. Coach David Quinn later explained that Henrik himself proposed to his long time don’t have much practice, was sent to the press box. I can only humbly suggest: is the Olympic champion-2006 read my reversal in Friday’s “Soviet sport”, where I offered him the example of the double Olympic champion Luongo himself early to retire and not to pull the plug on the young, which lost the competition last season?

If so, then King Henrik is the man.

source: “Soviet sport”

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