Pankov left the Russian national team in volleyball, the team at MILES will lead Busato


© Photo : official website of the FIVBcoach of female Russian national team on volleyball Vadim PankovПанков покинул сборную России по волейболу, команду на КМ возглавит Бузато

Veronica Stolbunova. Vadim Pankov has resigned as head coach of female Russian national team on volleyball, temporarily his responsibilities will be to perform senior coach of the Italian Sergio Busato.

The team at Pankow

Pankov was appointed women’s head coach January 18, 2018. He succeeded Konstantin Ushakov, who led the team less than six months.

Under the leadership of Pankova in the year 2018, the Russians failed to qualify to the “Final six” the competition’s inaugural edition of the League of Nations and eventually took 8th place, and then showed a similar result at the world Championships in Japan. At the last European championship 2019 the Russian volleyball players reached the quarterfinals, and in the drawing of the League of Nations took 14-th place. In August, the Russians had won a ticket to the 2020 summer Olympics by winning a qualification tournament in Kaliningrad.

As reported by the President of the Russian volleyball Federation (VFW) Stanislav Shevchenko, Pankow asked the Federation to release him from his post for health reasons.

“We have received from Vadim Anatolevich Pankov, a request to release him from his post. The IEF meets this request. We wish Vadim Anatolyevich good health and all the best. Of course, not everything turned out as planned, but while Vadim Medvedev on a post of the head coach had a lot of good. Punks will remain in the coach’s cage IEF, most likely as a coach of youth and University teams,” said Shevchenko.

Busato familiar with the Russian volleyball

At the upcoming world Cup among women’s teams, which will be held in Japan from 14 to 29 September, the team will be headed by Busato. The question of the appointment of the new head coach of the IEF will decide after this tournament.

“The senior trainer of Russian national team Sergio Busato go to the world Cup as a head coach. After the tournament will be held on the Presidium of the IEF, which will summarize the results. Need to wait until the end of the world Cup, after which will decide about the main coach of the national team,” Shevchenko told RIA Novosti.

The Italian joined the coaching staff of the women’s national team in June this year. Prior to that, he spent several years working with the men’s team of Russia. He was assistant head coach Tuomas of Sammelvuo, he also was part of the coaching staff of a national team Gennady Shipulin, the Zoran Gajić, Vladimir Alekno, Andrew Voron’kiv and Sergey Shlyapnikov. The biggest success Busato with the Russian national team is to win gold medals Olympic games-2012 in London.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song / go to banks, Sergio BusatoПанков покинул сборную России по волейболу, команду на КМ возглавит Бузато

Busato familiar not only with Russia, but also in General with the Russian championship. He began work in Russia in 2004, with men’s Dynamo Moscow, on the return Busato in which the coaching staff as an assistant coach Konstantin Bryansk was announced in late June of this year.

In the qualifying tournament of the Olympiad-2020 Busato worked as senior coach of the women’s national team. After a decisive match against South Korea, where the team won and won the license for the Game, Busato motioned depicting narrow eyes. The Korean side considered it a gesture of racism and appealed to the International volleyball Federation (FIVB).

Busato said that his gesture he just celebrated the release team for the Olympics, and in any case did not want to offend the South Korean national team, however, FIVB disqualified it on three matches. Thus, Busato missed three match of the European championship.

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