Pedri’s new contract with Barça is unreal! Now he stands like 12 Messi


Pedri’s new contract with Barça is unreal! Now he stands like 12 Messi

Last season, Pedri played 73 games for Barcelona, ​​and also played for the Spanish national team – the club even gave the midfielder a two-week vacation to slow down a bit and breathe out.

The desire of Barcelona to extend the contract with Pedri for another five years was talked about in the summer, but negotiations, according to Spanish media reports, began only in September. Due to the important role of the midfielder in the future development of the club, the management decided not to activate the option to renegotiate the agreement unilaterally (that is, under current conditions) until 2024, but to invite the player to stay at the club for a longer period.

Pedri signed his current contract back in 2019, and his terms have already ceased to correspond to reality: now the midfielder is one of the best, but one of the lowest paid players on the team.

Barça and the player’s side have already agreed on all the details of a new contract, after which Pedri will be able to leave the club only for unrealistic money – € 1 billion.

Why so much?

In fact, huge payoffs are a common story in Spanish football. The media dubbed it the “anti-sheikh” clause: clubs simply fear that money giants such as Manchester City and PSG (and now also Newcastle) can easily intercept young talent. In the case of Pedri, Barça are setting up a record amount of compensation so that the player is not so easy to steal.

Just imagine how much it is. Like 12 Messi, for example!

Only he will have such a contract?

The equally talented Ansu Faty and Ronald Araujo are in line for a contract extension . The club, in particular its president Joan Laporta , really want the players to sign new agreements in the near future – otherwise they will leave as free agents, as was the case with Leo Messi . It cannot be ruled out that for these guys, Barça will establish an incredible amount of compensation – at the moment they are seen as future stars.


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