Petrol, gas, electricity: the EA considered, on the cheaper drive


© RIA Novosti / Konstantin MichalczewskiPetrol stationБензин, газ, электричество: эксперт посчитала, на чем дешевле ездить

Ride on electric vehicles from the point of view of the cost of “fuel” cheaper than cars with internal combustion engine, but yet do electric cars significantly more expensive, told RIA Novosti chief analyst of the center for industry research and consulting of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Irina Sosonkina.

According to experts, with an average vehicle mileage of 17.5 thousand kilometers a year, a week, the motorist travels about 335 kilometers, and if you compare the cost of fuel based on these parameters, it will be cheaper to use gas. Although the choice of fuel is worth considering that the transfer of a vehicle to gas will cost about 40-50 thousand rubles, she agreed.

“While gasoline consumption in the urban environment – an average of about nine liters per 100 kilometers – we get weekly spending just over 1310 rubles. The most popular motor fuel for vehicles is propane-butane, but at a lower price relative to gasoline (by about 40-45% in 2018), the flow rate increases by about 15-20%. These factors combined still lead to savings: spending on gas fuel are about 725 rubles a week,” explains Sosonkina.

Now enter in the analysis of the electric vehicles. The analyst compared the popular each in its own sphere models – Nissan Leaf and a Lada Vesta – at a weekly cost of electricity and fuel respectively. She in this regard noted that if the motorist plans to charge the car from their “own socket”, then you need to consider tariffs and, accordingly, costs in a particular region. So, while in Moscow, the electric free charge stations “Mosenergo” and “Russian grids”, as in Primorsky Krai, a full charge costs 8 rubles/kW.h and will cost 670 rubles.

“Petrol consumption by Lada Vesta is 9.3 liters in the city, the cost of gasoline is 1355 roubles. The cost of propane-butane is 750 rubles. Nissan Leaf to overcome the same distance of 2.2 need full charge in a week, power consumption per 100 kilometers is around 25 kW.h – to overcome 335 kilometers need 84 kW.kWh of electricity, or about 300 rubles at the average rate of electricity”, – brought their calculations Sosonkina.

But before you make a final choice, it is worth considering the difference in cost of these vehicles: the price of the new Lada Vesta starts from 607 thousand rubles, and according to the portal the Nissan Leaf electric car you can buy, put less of 2.97 million.

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