Phil Jones returns from injury and hate. The meme man is back in business


Phil Jones returns from injury and hate. The meme man is back in business

Manchester United fans will be forgiven for forgetting that Phil Jones , who celebrated his 10th birthday at Old Trafford last month, is a member of the club, having not played in an official match since last January. All due to a serious knee injury, which along the way collected a number of complications.

Phil Jones moved to Manchester United in the status of a future star, but everything was ruined by injuries

It’s a shame to watch the 29-year-old footballer’s declining career, because Jones pompously moved to United – personally Sir Alex Ferguson led Phil for a year and a half at Blackburn, and in 2011 he closed the transfer for £ 16 million, ahead of Liverpool … “Phil Jones is able to play better than Duncan Edwards because he has tremendous potential. Perhaps he will be able to become our best player, “- then weighed a compliment Ferguson. Together with Chris Smalling, they were to replace the Vidic-Ferdinand pair. Now this thesis causes only a smirk.

Until 2017, Jones was still trying to fly into the list of the best defenders in England: at the elite level he tore up in the 2017/2018 season, staking out a place in the start, and looked great in the national team. Gareth Southgate enjoyed the defender back then: “Not only this year – there was also a long period in the middle of last season when he was the best English defender. He is very technical with the ball. He reads the game well, is aggressive in defensive actions. ” Regular health problems and subsequent recession put an end to their careers.

Due to injuries, Phil missed a total of almost three years (1129 football days) and played in 224 matches out of 452. Only once in ten seasons he played more than 40 matches, twice this figure climbed the mark of 30 games. Since the beginning of 2019, he has played 8 games in a red T-shirt. The defender is currently at his peak age, but Jones has no impact on United’s development. There is a suspicion that he simply failed to pump his body in order to impose a fight in the intense Premier League.

The Englishman has simply stagnated in recent years, we have not seen any qualitative leap in the game plan. From the former qualities, only dedication remained (a flashback comes up with an episode when Jones took the ball off Olivier Giroud’s leg with his head). Everything else has dissolved due to a lack of regular practice and self-confidence.

The situation was aggravated by the hate from the fans and memes about the face

The turning point for Manchester United and Phil Jones fans came in November 2019 against Sheffield. Then he effectively made a mistake and frankly looked weak throughout the first half. During the break, Solskjaer removed him from the field and saved the match. Jones was disappointed with both his performance and the stream of mud that was poured on him on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t been on social media for several years. Fans of Manchester City after this match even came up with a chant about him: “You sign a contract with Phil Jones, we sign with Kun Aguero.”

One of the reasons for Jones’ unstable play is his lack of self-confidence. It is aggravated by an active and harsh hate from their own fans. In recent years, Jones has been more a clown than a football player for fans, some even hate him. Now the Englishman is better known to the world not for playing on the field, but for his multifaceted facial expressions. Each Jones match is a new series of memes. People close to him say that all insults reach Jones.

A sad insider at the end of 2019 was leaked by colleagues from The Athletic: allegedly in February, signing a four-year contract, Jones refused the match in his honor. The fight was to take place this year on the defender’s 10th anniversary at Manchester United. It is a common practice for the club to hold matches in honor of football players who have spent 10 or more seasons at the club.

Phil replied to the proposal of the leadership that it makes no sense: except for the family, no one will come to this match.

But Jones has recovered and is ready for a comeback. The footballer is supported by Solskjaer

Jones still licked his sores and has already played 30 minutes on a freight train with Burnley (3-1) on the evening of August 17, behind closed doors. According to the Daily Mail’s Chris Wheeler, Solskjaer was impressed with Jones’ performance in the match and his character after a severe injury, so he is ready to use him as a fifth center-back. “Phil Jones has returned to training, which is a big plus. He is a real professional and a nice guy. He has always been a loyal servant for the club, and now is the time to look after him and his health, ”said the Manchester United coach.

It seems that the Norwegian arranged the match with Burnley just for Phil to support him and speed up his return: “It will be good if he can play for the reserve team, or we will organize some kind of match behind closed doors for him. I know how he feels after such a long absence. ” If so, respect to Solskjaer. This act clearly hints that the club is still counting on a football player.

Former Blackburn partner Keith Andrews believes Jones will add if he feels Solskjaer’s full support: “Confidence is a huge part of football, and I doubt he plays with real confidence. You get support from your family and friends, and if you know the manager has faith in you, you can get through this battle. But I don’t think the last coaches were supportive of Phil. ” Ole Gunnar’s actions and words convey that the club still believes in the player.

In the new season, Jones will have to compete for game minutes with Harry Maguire, Raphael Varane, Victor Lindelof and Eric Bailly. The list seems decent, but Bayi (28 league appearances in three seasons total) and Jones regularly collect injuries. It is absurd to expect them to be able to spend a full season. Axel Tuanzebe has just gone on a one-year loan to Aston Villa, so I don’t want to risk it: if the club releases Phil as well, and the African leaves again, then there will be three centerdefs for two positions. And one of them is the unstable Lindelof. Plus Varan has just to adapt to new conditions.

Of course, you can always bring up promising guys from the academy, but Manchester United still expects to impose a fight for all the trophies this season. Therefore, the club needs a long clip with experienced fighters. An excellent example for Solskjaer will be last year’s Liverpool, where a pack of central defenders flew out at once, and the club immediately swam.

Jones is clearly ready to fight. Manchester United had offers from Newcastle, West Ham and some Serie A outsiders, but the club turned them down. The player’s intentions are also indicated by this: Varan wanted to get the 4th number, which has been owned by Phil for 10 years, but Jones refused. If he was going to leave, then there would be no problems.


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