“Players in key positions collected bit by bit”. Kudashov has named the main problems of the Russian national team


The head coach of Russian national team Alexei Kudashov told about personnel problems in the team.

According to Kudashov at the Karjala Cup team lacks creative center forward and a good defender.

— The composition of which came against the Finns, we only had six forwards that are in their clubs go on the ice in the minority. But in the match with the Swedes, they may be even less. And this is a problem. It is necessary to take into account. You will see how most opponents play! And we have, by the way, in the current not all in the NHL on the PowerPlay out.

But in the “Dynamo” plays Vadim Shipachev is the best scorer of the KHL, which plays in the majority and in the minority. And there are forwards a purely defensive plan, most play better. Whom will you prefer?

— Here much depends on the specific composition. Sometimes, it is better to take one hundred percent of the defense industry, or, conversely, purely an attacking forward than that a little here and there in time. It’s not Shipachyov, but in General. If we talk about centre forwards, there is still important, as they play on the throw. Because in tense moments, especially towards the end of matches, you need a person who the throw will win. No matter in your area or someone else’s. But we have here is not a Grenadier, who would consistently do that. In the first match Karnaukhov was one of the best.

— In your opinion of the coach: in Russia there is a problem with the center forward?

— But you tell me to do, one of the Russians playing in the shock units in the center of the KHL clubs? Again Shipachev? Well, even Tkachev. And that’s all! It’s good that there are guys like Misha Grigorenko, who can close any position — from left and right, and center, and in the majority and in the minority, and on the throw-in. But it is also an exceptional case.

— Another grain that is injured now.

— That’s it! And it turns out that we are players in key positions bit by bit for the team collected. That’s what we are now and invite a team of players from third links. And it’s not restructuring. It is a necessity. We feel the need for a creative Central forward and solid defenders. That means we need to nurture them! To give the team the necessary experience, which they the clubs do not have.

The first tournament held in Helsinki from 7 to 10 November. On Saturday, the team of Alex Kudashov at “Hartwall Arena” will meet with Sweden.

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