Plaza: when playing at 70 percent, can’t fight with anyone


© RIA Novosti / Aleksandr GalperinMain Zenit coach Joan Plaza (right)Пласа: когда играем на 70 процентов, не можем бороться ни с кем

Sergey Yaremenko. In those cases, when the players of “Zenit” played not at 100% capacity, they can not compete with any opponent, including with Perm “Parma”, said the head coach of Petersburg club Joan Plaza.

“Zenith” on Tuesday, lost on the platform of Perm “Parma” in the championship match of VTB United League with a score of 80:86.

“When our team is working at 100%, it can compete with any team in Europe. We have the talent and wisdom. When we play at 70%, we can’t compete with anyone. Today we played at 60-70% of its capacity. The contender from the outset looked like he wants it the most. Don’t want to think that some of our players underestimated “Parma”. The team not playing in European competitions, they have more time to rest – perhaps the reason for their success in this,” said Plaza at a press conference.

“We cannot say that we are tired. We had the weekend after the match with real Madrid, we spent two good workout. The last session was generally the best season. You need to take this defeat, together. No one needs to blame anyone. It is important to stick together,” he said.

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