Popovich: the refusal of players from KM is not the cause of defeat against France


© YE AUNG THUФранцузский basketball player Evan Fournier (center)Попович: отказ игроков от КМ не является причиной поражения от Франции

Head coach USA basketball Gregg Popovich does not believe that the reason for the defeat of the team of France in the 1/4 finals of the world Cup was the refusal of many American players who participate in the tournament.

The U.S. team on Wednesday lost to a French team in the quarterfinals of the world Cup — 79:89. Before the tournament the American team encountered numerous failure of the players to participate in the world Cup for various reasons.

“It’s disrespectful to the French team and the other teams (talking about those who never came). France beat us. No matter who was in our team. France deserves respect for this victory. And it’s not that team USA was not the “other” guys. There is no such thing as “other” guys. These guys that came here, they did a great job and I’m proud of them,” said Popovich, the website of the world Cup.

Basketball player team USA Donovan Mitchell did not talk about the failures of American players to go to the world Cup.

“I’m tired of people asking about those who did not come. They did not want to go here, that’s their business. We have 11 other guys who want to compete,” said Mitchell.

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