“Professor” will certainly rock the boat. The purpose Larionov add to the problems


Why is the appointment of Igor Larionov, Advisor to the head of staff of Russian national team is fraught with danger news SMI2

Igor Larionov has always considered a truth-teller, with its original opinion on many issues. Not only about hockey. For example, winemaking. However, the business he left behind.

In Olympic calgary immediately after the brilliant victory of the USSR Larionov refused to wash with Victor Tikhonov the gold. Non-drinker Viktor put a bottle of vodka and a jar of caviar, and the “Professor” said, “With you I will not drink”. While the conflict between the first five KLM and the trainer was not in sight. Moreover, shortly before the Games in 1988, when the “Red car” lost the world Cup in Vienna, the Canada Cup, the Prize of “Izvestia” and the pre-Olympic exhibition match Canada, the leaders of the national team and CSKA has publicly supported his coach.

The first shell fell into the funnel Tikhonov in October 1988. In an open letter to the coach published in the magazine “Ogonek”, Larionov accused Viktor of all sins. Although it was clear, and then it is recognized by Vyacheslav Fetisov, the Tikhonov – product of the system, and fight followed first with the system and not with its bright representative.

In 2013, I visited the office Tikhonova, honorary President of HC CSKA. We were preparing an interview for the anniversary of the most titled club in the world. In the end, Viktor Larionov recalled:

Do you know why in 1985 it had been banned? Because it was a lot of questions from the KGB. In this Department he was ready to present Larionov, the prosecution in undermining the system. I barely managed otmazatsya. Igor is a smart guy, devoid of shortcomings inherent to its partners via the link. But he, the eternal opposition leader. That is his credo.

Opposition. But unlike Fetisov “Professor” did not burn the bridges behind them by statements such as “don’t want to play for Tikhonov”. He and his colleagues supported the disgraced captain, helped in writing the book “the Story of one victory” the “fact Fetisova”, but no more.

For Russia Larionov played in two tournaments, the world Cup 1996 and the 2002 winter Olympics. In salt lake city head coach and General Manager of the national team, Fetisov was appointed “Professor,” captain, although in command, was the hero of the Nagano-1998 Pavel Bure, who wore at the Games in 1998 bukovku “C” on the sweater.

During the world Cup the head coach of Russian national team Boris Mikhailov wanted to deduct Larionov, who, in his opinion, the decomposed team. But refrained, not wanted to cause a scandal.

After a career Larionov repeatedly called in Russia. President FHR Alexander Steblin was ready to hand over the reins, but the “Professor” responded with a silent refusal. Did not want to “clear the Augean stables”.

In 2009 he was invited to the SKA-turned-oligarch. Vice-President of hockey operations. Larionov began to row against the current. Quarreled with the leader of team Maxim Sushinsky, demanded his share. Then he began to criticize the KHL, forgetting who is its President. At the end of the season, “Professor” left Saint Petersburg and engaged in Agency business. What his status is too small.

As an agent he also did not succeed, many customers refused its services. For example, the first number draft pick in 2012 nail Yakupov.

Arriving in Russia, Larionov criticized the KHL, our hockey. However, in the First channel, commenting on the matches of the First channel Cup, the Olympics and the world Cup, “Professor” unlike a tennis expert Marat Safin abide by the rules of the game on the first key, from what the reports involving the “Professor” did not cling.

This summer, Larionov tried to find a job in the peripheral clubs “Salavat ulaeva” and “Magnitogorsk”, but it didn’t happen. There are smart don’t like the truth.

Hardly Igor will change myself in a new position. I have no doubt that at some point will start to rock the boat. In the headquarters team, all its members must pull to one side.

source: “Soviet sport”

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