Published calendar of the new season RPL


Russian Premier League (RPL) has published the calendar for the season 2020/2021. Recall, it will start on 7 August, a match for the super Cup “Zenit” – “locomotive”. So determined by the regulations if the champion wins the Cup as “Zenith”, then for the super bowl, he plays with the silver medal of the League. And on the next day, the start of the championship in the top division of the country. The last round is supposed to play may 16th to 19th and 23rd of the same month, the scheduled play-offs. Опубликован календарь нового сезона РПЛ

Like last year, Zenit and Lokomotiv will open the season with a super Cup match. Photo: Michael Sinitsyn/RG

In the first round will be held the following meeting: “Spartak” – “Sochi”, “Tambov” – “Rostov” “the ruby” – “locomotive” – “the Arsenal” – “Ahmad”, “the Rotor” – “Zenith”, “Ufa” – “Krasnodar”, “Ural” – “Dynamo” and “Khimki” – CSKA.

About how developed the calendar, she told the HRC. Like last year, it was compiled with the help of a computer together with the research laboratory of sports Higher school of Economics. The calendar was actually released two weeks before the start of the season, but it’s not because it was done at the last moment on the knee. Due to the pause in the coronavirus last season ended unusually late. To the end it was not clear which clubs will represent Russia in the European Cup. For example, in the final of the national Cup, in which “Zenith” has beaten “Khimki” (1:0), it has become clear that in qualifications of the Europa League came sixth RPL team, the Moscow Dynamo. In addition, Khimki players were pulled with a decision about his transition from belonging to the elite, and without the approval of newcomers to make the best version of the calendar is also not possible.

The calendar turned out to be incredibly dense. When compared with the original schedule of last season (in zocoronline edition), the upcoming season will end in almost the same terms, only begins a month later. To move a 30-second tour at a later time is not possible in connection with the needs of the national team of Russia, which will take three weeks to prepare for the European championship (June 11 – July 11).

The pandemic is condensed and the calendar of the European Cup 2021/2022: from qualification (8th August) and until the quarter-final stage (mid-April), the matches will be held every week. It was also necessary to take into account when scheduling RPL. That’s why in August will be six tours this month of domestic clubs in European battles not yet a member. This European influence on the formation of the Russian calendar ends. To comply with the interests of the clubs representing our country in European competition, teams from the Central part reduced the number of long-haul trips (to Ufa and Yekaterinburg) before Euro Cup matches. In addition, the teams participating in the Champions League, should not play with teams from the Europa League in rounds prior to the competition. After playing these two tournaments are on different days.

Now, looking at the full list of restrictions, recorded in the preparation of the calendar, you know that without a computer with specially designed algorithms, the formation of a new season would turn into hell. The League distinguishes between three types of constraints. The first – sports. For example, all teams must be at least 48 hours break between the matches. There are also commercial constraints. All the clubs are divided into categories A and B. the first consists of the team that ensures the highest TV ratings. This “Zenit”, “locomotive”, “Krasnodar”, CSKA and “Spartak”. To balance the calendar in one round must not be more than two matches in which clubs from the category And they play together.

Finally, the third group is infrastructure constraints, which affect climatic conditions. RPL identified “warm” regions (Sochi, Krasnodar, Grozny and St. Petersburg, where there’s a stadium with a roof). The corresponding commands for the December tours (17-20-e) will hold in his field. Clubs from the “cold” regions, Tula Arsenal, Russia, Rubin Kazan, Yekaterinburg “Ural” in these tours you will play exclusively on the road. It is clear that in Rostov-on-don is not much colder than in Grozny, but RPL is considered that four cities in each category – the optimal number. Why in the “cool” group did not get to Moscow? In the capital a more comfortable arena than in Tula.

The exact schedule with dates and starting time of the matches of RPL will be to produce parts. Soon expect a detailed calendar from the 1st to 6th rounds.

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