Question of the day. Gusev will retrain as Ovechkin?


After serving three matches left, Nikita Gusev is back in the basis of the “new Jersey” and helped the club to win a second successive away win – 2:1 in shootouts. News SMI2

Russians traditionally performed the first free throw and left the goal “Winnipeg” to Hellabama a chance. But more importantly – the NHL rookie played the entire match on the unfamiliar right flank. It seems there it will remain.

No matter how much kosteri John Haines and the results “Devils” at the start of the coach, of course, deserve criticism, we should give him credit for consistency. If you look, only Gusev in the team got into a zone of turbulence. Special team coach has identified does not touch them, on the contrary, emphatically and deliberately strums. With shock link Hall – Hisher – Palmieri too clear. As with the first draft-2019 Hughes: most of it has a constant position in equal structures – a guaranteed place in the top 6 forwards. With the trps-laborers from the lower top 6 Hines is also quickly understood.

That’s just completely tactically unprepared for NHL hero Pyeongchang could not attach anywhere. Like the Russian and the head works well, and the technique is, and knows how to score. One problem: when comes, the fire often burns at his gate, than others. Much more often! The ratio of scoring chances Nikita was almost the worst in the NHL. Because the coach threw a debutant from the first trio to the fourth, having tried almost all strikers. In the end, is pushed into the reserve: let, say, watch a NHL ice hockey from the podium in a relaxed atmosphere. And the company Hines found suitable: asked Patrick Elias, the legend “new Jersey”, to explain to Muscovite and nuances of a skinny canadian box.

No one knows what exactly is said ex-striker Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” Gusev, but his future at the American club expressed openly and frankly:

– In Europe more slowly than in the NHL. But Nikita can handle this pace. He says that ten years played left and wants to continue here. However, this is unlikely to succeed. Gusev in the zone and takes the puck with no traffic, and the intensity of the game in the NHL is so high that if you are static, the opponents immediately covers you. Need to do something, to change, to do everything faster. The translation on the right flank – one solution. This will make it easier for him. With the right grip when taking the puck and exiting the zone, he will be facing in the field, and thus be able to see of rivals and avoid unnecessary losses. Nikita will have the opportunity to run forward in a straight line or diagonally, instead of doing the snail-rentals, which can not do without if his grip to accept the transfer on the left edge.

Compare that with this quote:

Perhaps the extra rentals. He is trying very hard to score, and he doesn’t have much space left. Remember what he did with the puck when gaining speed and moving? He was able to beat the opponent through technique, speed, keep it. And when you’re just standing, you are easily close. If the game will be less empty rentals, I think it will be very dynamic and it is difficult to handle, he will be very effective.

And with this:

– At the moment I understand that he can play on the left. Now it works well on the right. I believe there are many advantages in that it is located on the right edge when he leaves his zone, he is automatically included in the game is to face the puck. In the attack, when he passes on the left flank, he uses the opponent as a screen and it helps him. Our game in any way will lead him left. Everything will be balanced. I told him I know what he’s capable of playing on any edge, but let’s start on the right. Last season he did it well.

Guessed who we are? Of course, about Alexander Ovechkin! The same right-handed striker. The future coach winner Barry trotz said it is only by accepting in the summer of 2014 to Washington, D.C., and he was right a hundred percent. Later, he actually returned the captain on the left flank, where he became MVP of the playoffs in 2018, having won the first Stanley Cup in the history of “Washington”.

But it rebooted the career of Alexander the Great predecessor of Trotz, Adam Oates. It was he who in 2012 made a risky – if not revolutionary! – step, moving Ovi to the opposite flank, as he was then… for 27 years. As Gusev now!

The effect was stunning! Two seasons in a row – 2010/11, 2011/12, Ovechkin couldn’t even sorokovnik punching of 32 and 38 goals respectively in 79 and 78 matches. In his new position, Alexander shortened because of the lockout, the 2013 championship immediately scored in 48 games, 32 goals, and then in a complete season for the fifth time in his career won the mark of 50. What did you do then three more times!

So the solution is to put Gusev on the right edge in the link with Zaha and Hughes is not surprising. Such permutations are tested repeatedly. It is obvious that the coach himself is not the enemy and wants to use the strengths of the Russians as possible. Because, perhaps, he sent him to two center forward for the major. That is, if anything, behind Czech and American all cleaned up.

What is interesting: I changed the role of Nikita and the implementation unnecessary. He went out in the second spetsbrigada and skated at most fifteen minutes. So, if before – especially in SKA Gusev is always located on the edge and was the main guard, in the game, “Winnipeg”, he, like o’shea in “Washington” or in the past dadonov in SKA, located in the far nickle with the task or to complete the attack with a shot to touch, or to move closer to the gate for screening the goalkeeper and podplavlenie of finishing washers.

It is clear that for some time the Russians will need to adapt. But if the ship knows where he is going – and now everyone is absolutely clear what he wants from Hines Guseva – sooner or later he will catch a tailwind!

source: “Soviet sport”

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