Release The Kraken. What do we know about the new NHL club?


One of the main NHL events of the last week takes us not in the upcoming Stanley Cup, and once in the following summer. Future club from Seattle decided on the name and colors of the shapes.

Where did the “Seattle” in the NHL

Seattle has a rich hockey history, which, however, remembers only the experts. Club “Seattle Metropolitans” won the Stanley Cup in 1917, becoming the first American owner of the silver Cup. At that time the main hockey trophy has not belonged to the NHL was played between the winners of different leagues, and “Metropolitans” were leaders of the PCHA, the League of the Pacific coast. However, in 1924 the League, and with it the club of Seattle, ceased to exist.

In 1944 the city was “the Seattle of Totems”, which came into WHL, Junior a League that existed before 1974.

Since then, big-time hockey in Seattle was not, although speculation has arisen on virtually every expansion of the NHL.

And now, two and a half years ago, in December 2017, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced that the city of Seattle acquired the right to apply for membership in the League.

Two months later, a group led by billionaire investment banker David Bonderman and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer has applied to the office of the League.

The entrance fee was rather big — $ 650 million. But the market promised prospects. Seattle is a big and thriving city in which there is only football, baseball and soccernet team.

When and where will play?

As a trial stone, the creators of the team announced a subscription for season tickets and for the first hour and a half received 25 thousand applications! And this is three years before the debut of the club in the NHL, which is scheduled for 2021-th.

And although the team does not yet exist, work with the club’s office enough.

Bosses chose the General Manager, who became a two-time Stanley Cup winner and member of the hockey Hall of fame, the fifth scorer in NHL history, Ron Francis.

The club also participates in the Climate Arena renovation Pledge. The new house will be built on the site of the old Palace of sports, where for many years he played the “Seattle Sonics” before moving to Oklahoma. Construction estimates have already picked up a billion dollars, but the new Palace was imperative on the part of the NHL. To accommodate the arena will be 17 thousand spectators.

Who in the team?

The most interesting part of making “Seattle Kraken” will be held next summer. Remember how a few years ago in the draft of the extension, chose his players, “Vegas”? Then assembled with the world on a string team (of the stars was perhaps the only goalie Marc-Andre Fleury) in the first year reached the final where lost to “Washington.”

Выпускайте Кракена.  Что мы знаем о новом клубе НХЛ?

William carrier is attacking Devante Smith-Pelly / Photos: © Bruce Bennett / Staff / Getty Images Sport / Gettyimages.ru

So next year we are waiting for the expansion draft, where each club will decide whom he will protect and whom to leave “the Kraken”.

While at the club there is not only the players but also the coaching staff. The main candidate for the position of steering called gérard Galland, the man who brought “Vegas” to the end. And if the rumors prove true, it will add a situation of intrigue.

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