Replacing the usual sports found? … Racing is a balls! Strange, but this stuff is addictive


It is likely, at one time you come across a funny video, when on one of the beaches created a route-gutter, which was released a few balloons and made between them the race. Most recently, this roller, for example, shared the legendary English footballer Gary Lineker.

You can see throw to the other and forget the next day. However, it appears that the “sand” rally was not a one-time event and now that no normal sport on the planet left, the race of the balls suddenly began to gain worldwide popularity. Don’t believe? How about the fact that they have already broadcast, for example, the network ESPN?

So, today, we tell about an unusual championship called Marbula One (from the English marble — “ball”). What inspired the authors of the championship when the title is not hard to guess. And indeed, the greatest interest for the championship showed the Motorsport fans, left with nothing at least until the summer.

In Marbula One “participate” 16 riders-balls, representing 16 different teams. They are produced on specially designed tracks 16, and each race is preceded by the qualification. Schedule typical of Formula 1: qualification on Saturday, race on Sunday. Tracks done in such detail that they have and pit building, and grandstand with the fans. Special slide ensures that the highest part of the route of the inertia confident enough for the whole circle.

The seriousness of what is happening around adds the presence of a professional commentator Greg woods. Also there is a professional PR man and the composer who created the original music. Moreover, the game even has “telemetry”, which is the qualification allows you to show the results of balls in the sector, and in the race to create online scoreboards with chunking and the best circles, just amazing!

The main creators of the championship — the brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker from the Netherlands. Here the case when the misfortune has helped: Jelle sick with autism, but the form of the disease, as he said himself in an interview, is pushing for the permanent desire of the design. So the creation of incredible complexity and interest to the artificial slopes in fact is Jelle necessity of life.

But pretty words. Last weekend was the sixth race of the season — just a couple of days the video on YouTube has collected a quarter of a million hits. And the first race of the season has already exceeded one million!

The championship has already formed a real fan club on Reddit with 15 thousand users. On Twitter real people are actively discussing the race, choose a balls-favorites, analyze the configuration of tracks, create memes — in short, in the absence of the Formula 1 occupy themselves as they can.

We looked at a couple of races and I must say, in a situation when your favorite races there, it can really tighten. Certainly those 15 minutes spent in the weekend in another qualification and race will not be the worst in your life!

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