Right hook to the jaw. Three minutes of “dancing” ended with a knockout. Video


Right hook to the jaw. Three minutes of “dancing” ended with a knockout. Video

Last weekend, the Brave CF 53 tournament was held. Of the past fights, the ending stands out between Azat Maksum from Kazakhstan and the Brazilian Flaviu Queiroz . Kazakh has never lost in his professional career, having won all 12 fights. In the past, he was the champion in the Asian Octagon League. Therefore, Maksum occupies a high fourth place in the ranking of fighters in Central Asia.

The fighter from Brazil had 15 fights, in which he won 12 victories. Of these, seven victories were won by knockout, so it is difficult to rank him among the typical graduates of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. In Brave, Queiroz fought two fights and won once in his opening fight, catching his opponent in a triangle. Flaviu lost the last fight to the Russian Velimurad Alkhasov by unanimous decision of the judges, because of which the Brazilian had to close the previous defeat.

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It is not surprising that the undefeated Kazakh was the favorite of the battle. The first round began with passive reconnaissance, which dragged on for two and a half minutes. The fighters practically did not throw out blows, and if they did, they only shook the air. During these 2.5 minutes, there were many movements on the legs, but not a single accurate hit. Apparently, Maksum was afraid of the striking power of the Brazilian, like Queiroz in relation to the opponent.

However, it was Flaviu who first dared to approach the serial attack in the middle of the round. But none of the thrown blows reached the target. Then Azat turned on and captured the center of the octagon. First, he threw a deuce, thereby pushing his opponent back to the net. Then came the jab, which was the first accurate hit of the entire fight. And after a short pause, Maksum sent the Brazilian into a deep knockout with a single sweeping right hook. Fortunately, the referee managed to get between the fighters before finishing off, since Queiroz lay passed out for a few more minutes. Thus, Azat Maksum with that spectacular knockout extended his winning streak to 13 victories.


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