Robson was the first Brazilian players in the team. He scored at Arsenal and began his after drinking


Begin a series of articles about iconic players in the history of Russian football. This text is devoted to the former striker of “Spartak” Luis Robson. The first Brazilian in the history of red and white.

Robson was heavily adapted in “Spartacus”. Helped collective trip to the restaurant and alcohol

Robson has passed in “Spartak” in the summer of 1997. According to the striker, he is half thinking about moving to Russia. At that time he was a small and not a very good experience of playing in Europe for the Portuguese of “Porto”. Agent Guilherme frança Reys told me that Robson put in “Spartacus” a salary of about $ 5 million, and only after the appearance in the team of the defender of the national team of Brazil Alexandre Lopes (January 2001) the amount was increased to $ 20-22 thousand

At first Robson in “Spartacus” was not easy. “Spartacus” was a cohesive team, and to quickly join its ranks was not at all. May Robson was the Brazilian, but he has lost a lot of players new team in the technical equipment. Here is how his first few days in “Spartacus” in his book outlined Egor Titov: “Before training we had a warm-up square 6×2. Its specificity — rolling the ball between the legs of driving. Inexperience people when they get inside, I want to take the ball. The legs are arranged widely. They are “between” distribute the bag — people in ecstasy! Laughter for the whole Village. And what is interesting: if person a couple of times “between” to push, he seems already closer to the team. We laugh. He smiles. Those smiles and share. I remember when Robson came, we he seven times the ball in the “point” rolled. He then ran a “related” feet. We were just dying of laughter and Rob immediately recognized. He became their”.

Робсон был первым бразильцем в «Спартаке». Он забивал «Арсеналу» и стал своим после пьянки


Settled, by the way, Robson, purely Spartakovskaya area Sokolniki.

The striker made his debut in “Spartacus” on 13 August, coming on as a substitute in the ending of a guest match of the Champions League with Kosice. Robson failed to score and save the team from defeat with the score 1:2. Actually, at first the adaptation to the new country it was difficult for the Brazilian. His performance was not impressive, but with teammates legionary could not properly communicate because of the language barrier. The rookie kept himself to himself. The ex-midfielder red-white Egor Titov recalled that after one of the matches Robson brought him to the restaurant and got drunk, then forward and began its in “Spartacus”.

“Titov is absolutely right: I do the first time feel at ease… And then held the same party. It’s not even that we have something to drink. I realized that the team I took. All from the heart mean well, want me to become part of a team. Started to listen to the speech, to make out Russian words. The problem was the same: leading players said that the informal meeting I have to go without an interpreter. So, they say, will quickly master the language will become to understand our conversations. I must say, Titov treated me very warmly, as brothers. In difficult moments always approached, tried to explain that I need a “Spartacus”, did everything that I didn’t feel like a stranger. This is of great help,” recalled in an interview with “Sport-Express” Brazilian.

Romantsev had trusted to Robson, even when the attacker was not a game. The Brazilian each year scored in Russia more than before

But step by step Robson, who Ilya Tsymbalar nicknamed Maxim, after a character in a popular Soviet film, has progressed in “Spartacus”. Unlike many other foreign players, he not only has taken root in Russia, but was very hardworking student and player.

And what is important: his team really took. “Robson, do not speak at first, the Russian language when he felt sad, took out a bag of sunflower seeds and went to Tyle — recalled Yegor Titov. — Was sitting next to was chewing on these seeds and enjoying good company. This is also a very significant fact: after all, the Brazilian then did not live head, and feelings. He intuitively grasped that Tsymbalar good.”

Robson admitted that he learned Russian language in the jokes Ilya. And if you do not understand what it means to a particular word followed by the explanation of the translator George will Cawdry. The latter is the main veteran of “Spartacus”. He’s the only one since Oleg Romantsev, who still works at the club, however, in recent years, the office administrator.

Робсон был первым бразильцем в «Спартаке». Он забивал «Арсеналу» и стал своим после пьянки

Luis Robson and George Chavdar

And here’s what he said about the player the assistant of Oleg Romantseva Viktor Samokhin: “Robson loved to play with tennis ball. Was fintel them juggled. And then somehow came to our court in the village. We played there in tennisball big ball. Robson also asked. I told him: “This is a challenging game. It is necessary that the ball once I hit the ground, and you have only two taps to transfer it to someone else’s half.” He replied: “Nothing, everything will be fine”. And we began to play. Usually in the morning. And so coincide: if we play in the morning before the official match night Robson will score. Then he began to call me specifically. Knocked at the room: “Sergeitch went to court! And then I have a night game, I have to score goals”. It was our tradition.”

Helped the Legionnaire and trust on the part of Oleg Romantseva who has released striker, even when he didn’t score. The head coach appreciated the speed, physical strength, and the desire of Brazilians to understand the Spartak football. According to statistics, it is evident that Robinson has improved his game from year to year: one goal in the championship of Russia of a season-1997, only three goals in the season 1998, the seven heads in the season 1999, 10 goals in the 2000 season and 11 goals in the season-2001.

Reporters who covered the matches of “Spartak” in the 1990s, etched in the memory of the phrase Romantsev said in response to some skepticism towards the Brazilian: “I can get rid of Robson, if he’s in my team runs faster than anyone?!”.

Робсон был первым бразильцем в «Спартаке». Он забивал «Арсеналу» и стал своим после пьянки

Robson (centre) in training of “Spartak”

Romantsev heated the thermometer to trick Robson. And the players sent him to the cook with rude words

In his autobiography, “the Truth about me and “Spartacus”, written in collaboration with the Deputy chief editor of “Championship” Denis Integers, Romantsev remembered the curious incident of Robeson.
“One day we had to play a Champions League match. The weather the whole week was lousy. Mud, rain, snow, unpleasant. All the teams are on vacation, and our train and play. Think cheer up boys? Put the lighter at the thermometer in tarasivka and heated to “+25”.

I knew that Robson always goes first. And here he is popping up – all bundled up in hat, with a scarf around half his face. And I specifically took off his jacket and tell him, “Rob, why are you so insulated by look at plus 25 on the thermometer!” He was delighted, ran to change. Popped into the hall already in shorts and a t-shirt. And the rest of the players say: “Look how we southern people in the cold ready to run! And what are you dressed up?”. Well, everyone laughed and Louis went to dress again. But the training was positive. So my task, I have fulfilled”.

Робсон был первым бразильцем в «Спартаке». Он забивал «Арсеналу» и стал своим после пьянки

Yegor Titov, Alexander Shirko and Oleg Romantsev

“Spartak” also joked over our Legionnaires, but most importantly, he himself loved all of it. Here’s another excerpt from the book Romantsev: “I Once went to the dining room and heard Robson speaks to our cook to Anna Pavlovna: “Give me …”. And then a dirty word with the letter “p”. Guys hear it, laughing. I told them: “Guys, stop this thing!”. Robson was good because he loved to laugh at yourself. Always cheerful, always smiling – such people are needed in any team”.

Favorite place Robson on the basis of “Spartacus” in tarasivka was just a dining room. This he himself admitted in an interview: “I was there, they joked, sang songs. However, when they came Romantsev, me all straightened out: “Quiet! Don’t see what Oleg eats? Do not bother”. While Romantsev ate in the dining room was a deathly silence”.

The Brazilian did not take offense at jokes about racism. Laughed when Vasily Baranov showed him a newspaper with a photo of a monkey and said this about him, Robson wrote. Romantsev, being the “Championship” recalled another funny incident:

“Robeson stood under my window in the village and argued with Muhamadieva who black! And that is also dark, tan loved. “I’m a monkey!” — screams Muhsin. “No, I’m a monkey!” — meets Robson. Agreed on the fact that “Spartacus” will be two macaques”.

And another sheep named Robson brother. That’s when I remembered about the Brazilian. “At first I did not understand to whom he refers. But Bob stubbornly bent his line: brother, come here, brother, take this. I will at some point, even cringed, but then Bob next to me through the translator and Goro explained that there is a popular Russian film “Brother”, and the word itself means a particular degree of kinship. So Vasya and intermarried. I often think of him, as, indeed, many other guys.”

In the result, Robson became the footballer really high level and gave a lot of good matches. In October 1999 became the first representative abroad, who scored a hat-trick in the championship of Russia: the Brazilian has scored three goals “Pearl”. Another cool match his performance in the Derby against torpedo in July 2000. The striker once scored a hat-trick, and “Spartak” has won a beautiful victory – 4:2.

Робсон был первым бразильцем в «Спартаке». Он забивал «Арсеналу» и стал своим после пьянки

Robson in the Champions League match against inter

In memory of red and white fans left the game Robson in the Champions League. For example, the home meeting against real Madrid (2:1) in 1998, when Titov scored the winning goal after discount Brazilian. The group stage matches in 2000 against Arsenal and sporting CP striker has scored and assists. All in all, the Champions League, Robson has scored four goals in the season-2001/2002, the Brazilian has scored Feyenoord and Sparta.

Watch the video all the goals from Robson for “Spartak” in YouTube.

The Brazilian has gone from “Spartacus”, despite a valid contract. He wanted to try something new and did not work with Formidable

Robson in each of his seasons in Russia has won the gold medal. Last until 2017 the championship “Spartak” in the season of 2001 was the last for the striker. At the end of the year Maksimka left Moscow, to go on a new adventure to Japan. Returning many years later to our country as a budding football agent, the Brazilian told why he made the decision to leave from “Spartaka”:

“I’m not sure then made a choice. But at the time felt: I need to find something new, to see other horizons. Whether Romantsev surprised? I think, Yes. After all, I still had two years of the contract. Can’t say that in Japan I was attracted by the money. Just wanted to achieve something greater, than with “Spartakom”… everything else suddenly having problems with the assistant to the head coach Vyacheslav Grozny. Racial character, no matter how sad to talk about it. Whether in jest or seriously terrible all last year claimed that the team formed a mafia of players-foreigners, primarily blacks. It is clear that he meant me, Marco and Jerry-Christian Tchuisse”.

According to a former doctor “Spartaka” Yury Vasilkov, Robson was crying when I left from “Spartaka”. The Brazilian played in Japan, then again in Europe and for two seasons played in Ligue 2 for Lorient. In 2006, he returned home, and a year later finished a career – curiously, in China.

“I remember we lost in local championship with the score 1:3, and then decided it was time to quit. The daughter had heart problems, and the family is more important to me,” recalled Robson.

Major football agent it failed, but the ex-Spartak found themselves in another business. Robeson opened in Sao Paulo at the meat, which is then turned into an entire company. So the legendary phrase red-whites “Who are we? Meat!” he seems particularly close.

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