Ronaldo asked to be kept in reserve. Reinsurance before the transfer?


Ronaldo asked to be kept in reserve. Reinsurance before the transfer?

Summer transfer window – 2021 is anomalous in its own way. Several top players have already changed teams ( Messi, Ramos ), and rumors about new “bombs” are not fading away. Now Ronaldo and Mbappe are in the spotlight .

For example, yesterday, Cristiano unexpectedly remained in the reserve of Juventus for the Serie A round 1 match with Udinese. It was immediately reported that the Portuguese wanted to leave the Italian club. Looking forward to another super transfer?

What did Allegri’s head coach and Juventus management say about this?

Insider Fabrizio Romano said that Ronaldo himself asked not to put him in the starting lineup. According to him, the footballer is looking for options to continue his career in another club. However, Juventus has not yet received offers on it.

Earlier it was reported that residents of Turin are considering selling Ronaldo this summer. The management of the Italian club believes that Ronaldo’s departure can positively affect the position of the team. Juventus are aware of the importance of the Portuguese, but his departure will save a significant amount of money for the reforms requested by club head coach Massimiliano Allegri after returning to Turin.

At the same time, Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved, commenting on Ronaldo’s missing in the starting lineup, denied information about his possible departure.

“You shouldn’t create sensations where there are none. This decision was made jointly with the player. Obviously, at the start of the season, he is not in his best shape. The coach wants to use the currently strongest starting lineup. For example, Giorgio Chiellini today also remained in reserve. I can confirm with full confidence that Ronaldo will remain at Juventus for this season, ”Nedved said on the air to DAZN.

In addition to the leadership of Juventus, head coach Massimiliano Allegri also denied information about the Portuguese leaving.

“Ronaldo is a bonus for us as he guarantees a lot of goals. Obviously, we also need to work as a team to get the most out of the players. Ronaldo has always trained well. I only saw gossip in the papers. He never told us he wanted to leave. Ronaldo told me he is staying at Juventus, the 54-year-old coach said at a press conference ahead of the Udinese match.

In the game of the 1st round of Serie A, Ronaldo led the team along with Allegri from the bench. In the 60th minute, the Portuguese appeared on the field, and at the end of the match scored the winning goal, which was later canceled by the VAR referees due to offside position. At the same time, the chief referee Ivano Pezzuto showed Cristiano a yellow card for taking off his shirt, celebrating the goal scored. Juventus also lost points at the start of the season, having played in a draw with Udinese – 2: 2.

Interest from PSG

It is possible that in this transfer window the Portuguese can be signed by PSG, which has already got Messi as a free agent. The president of the Parisian club, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, probably wants to bring Ronaldo and Messi into one team. Even PSG midfielder Di Maria noted that Cristiano would not mind being in Paris, but the French club has already made a choice in favor of Messi.

“Ronaldo is probably dying of wanting to be at PSG. The quality of the players of this club is unique. This doesn’t happen often, and all the best players want to play alongside the best. Cristiano would definitely like to be here, but PSG signed a contract with Messi. Fortunately, it will be better ”, – quotes the words of Di Maria TyC Sports.
At the same time, according to Spanish and French media, Mbappe is eager to leave Paris in order to move to Real Madrid. If the French striker leaves this summer, PSG may step up and sign Ronaldo to replace him.

Although there is another version. For example, RMC Sport journalist Loic Tanzi claims that if Mbappe leaves the Paris club, which PSG will try to prevent, the option of acquiring Ronaldo this summer will still not be considered.

However, Cristiano can move to the club from the French capital as a free agent, after the expiration of his contract with Juventus.

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