Ronaldo goes to Manchester. But not at City, but at United!


Ronaldo goes to Manchester. But not at City, but at United!

This transfer window will definitely go down in history. First, Messi left for PSG . Then “Real” and “PSG” had a snack on Mbappa – it is not very clear at what stage these negotiations are now. But: a) the bosses of the clubs have already exchanged wit; b) if the transfer still takes place before the end of the window, then it will definitely be € 160+ million.

Now Ronaldo is packing his bags and leaving Juventus. And not just anywhere, but to Manchester. True, until recently it was not clear which club the Portuguese would choose.

What do they say?

Ronaldo has long hinted at a desire to leave Juve, just not as clearly as it is now. At the start of the season, Cristiano was already in reserve for the match with Udinese – allegedly due to poor form (at that time Allegri and Nedved said that he would not leave the club). Then he injured his arm and left training ahead of schedule. Now Ronaldo and his representatives are forcing his departure from the club.

Today Allegri has officially confirmed the information: “Ronaldo will not be in the application for the match against Empoli. He told me yesterday that he no longer wants to play for Juventus. He hasn’t trained with the team today, ”said Allegri.

There were initially two contenders for Cristiano:

1. PSG. But there it was all limited to a strange tweet from the owner with Messi and Ronaldo in club uniform. Everything. Italian media say that Juventus did not receive an official offer from the Parisian club.

2. Manchester City. And here everything was much more serious. Aguero left, City did not sign Kane – Pep urgently needed a striker. The choice fell on Cristiano.

According to various insiders, Mendes and Ronaldo held preliminary talks with Man City. They even called the size of the salary: € 15 million per year under the contract until 2023. However, the clubs ran up against the cost of the transfer – Juve insisted that at least € 25 million be paid for Ronaldo. City was not ready for this in such a short time.

Josep Guardiola neatly commented on rumors about Ronaldo’s transfer to his team: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a Juventus player. There are a few days left, anything can happen. In my mind, there are several players, Ronaldo and Messi among them, who decide for themselves where to play. Their desires are of prime importance in the negotiations. “

Soon there was information that City was finally withdrawing from the negotiations on Ronaldo.

The sudden appearance of “MJ”

When it became clear that negotiations between Juventus and City were paused, Manchester United stepped out of the shadows. Fabrizio Romano said that the club made an official offer to Juventus, sent Mendes a contract offer for Ronaldo. Yes, and Cristiano himself announced his desire to sign an agreement with Manchester United for an “incredible comeback”.

The transfer amount will be € 25 million, the contract with the Portuguese will be signed until 2023.

There is also such information – allegedly Bruno Fernandes the night before wrote Ronaldo in WhatsApp and urged him to return to Manchester United. Therefore, it is entirely possible that Ronaldo’s personal decision was the key factor in the deal. And it’s not at all about the financial hitch from City.

Solskjaer is clearly pleased: “We always communicated well. Bruno Fernandes talked to him, Ronaldo knows how we feel about him. If he is going to leave Juventus, then, of course, he knows that we are waiting for him. Cristiano is a Manchester United legend, the best player of all time, if you ask me that. I was lucky to play with him. “

It’s funny that some Manchester United fans started burning Ronaldo’s shirts amid rumors of Ronaldo’s transfer to City. Some managed to post a video of this ritual on the social network:

I wonder how this guy is doing now?

For Manchester United fans, Ronaldo’s return is a legend. But how to integrate a stellar veteran into the team’s game is already a separate story, which Solskjaer will deal with. For now, we are waiting for a magnificent presentation.


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