Ronaldo inspires teammates and changes their habits. Inside the Manchester United dressing room


Ronaldo inspires teammates and changes their habits. Inside the Manchester United dressing room

Cristiano Ronaldo made a legendary return to Manchester United: he scored an important double in his debut match and moved the old fans into the late 2000s. At the post-match press conference, he explained his mission at Manchester United: “We have a great young team, a fantastic coach, but we need to build up our confidence. The team needs to mature if we want to win the Premier League and the Champions League. We are on the right track and I am here to help the team. “

At 36 years old, Ronaldo is in crazy form that allows him to dominate the most difficult and intense league on the planet. This superstar wants to see from partners too.

Ronaldo’s debut inspired teammates: Pogba is considering extending his contract

The authoritative The Athletic shared insights from the Manchester United dressing room:

  • During the warm-up before the game with Newcastle, Ronaldo practiced free kicks with backup goalkeeper Lee Grant. One of Cristiano’s shots impressed Jadon Sancho so much that he approached Ronaldo for advice.
  • Young footballers are encouraged by the training next to Ronaldo. Many of them just came to football when Cristiano was already one of the best in the world. This makes them work even harder.
  • On the eve of the game with Newcastle, Ronaldo gathered his teammates and issued the following message: he thanked everyone for the welcome and said that he considered them to be players of the highest level, who had to win trophies.
  • Paul Pogba is leaning towards a new deal with Manchester United (the current contract ends next summer), although he is actively associated with Real Madrid. The 28-year-old Frenchman was influenced by Ronaldo’s flamboyant comeback and the form of the current Manchester United. Plus transfers to Sancho and Varana. The negotiations between Pogba and the club are expected to make progress.

Ronaldo inspires teammates and changes their habits.  Inside the Manchester United dressing room

Football players refuse sweets because Ronaldo doesn’t eat them

Ronaldo’s influence is already taking its toll on United’s footballers. Here’s a story from Manchester United backup goalkeeper Lee Grant about the Portuguese healthy eating:

“On Friday night, every footballer after dinner can indulge in apple pie, cream, chocolate brownies or some other dessert. But not a single footballer has touched sweets. This has never happened.

Everyone was interested in what Cristiano eats. What’s on his plate? He only has healthy foods: quinoa, avocados and a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Therefore, no one dared to take junk food.

This guy is in amazing shape. He has almost the best body in the team … After me. “

Cristiano Ronaldo is an adherent of healthy eating

Ronaldo’s daily diet includes six divided meals: eats at intervals of 2-4 hours to get enough energy for exercise and control metabolism. The main products are fish, seafood and vegetables. The main cooking methods are grilling or oven. About 3 thousand calories are released per day.

His list of products lacks fast food, sugar, soda, chocolate and beer. Plus a variety of sauces, thickeners and side dishes.

Here’s an example of Ronaldo’s daily diet:

  • Breakfast: porridge with low-fat cottage cheese and fruit. Plus eggs, but eats only protein.
  • Prefers a light salad or a few fruits before dinner.
  • Lunch: a double portion of salad, a piece of fish or meat. Favorite types of fish are sea bass, swordfish, dorado, sea bass and bream. Fish is consumed because of the fatty acids, which contribute to the growth of muscle mass and increase endurance. And vegetables speed up metabolism.
  • For an afternoon snack, Ronaldo loves to eat tuna rolls. Or he can make himself juice from pear, orange, pineapple, apple and even lemon.
  • Dinner: fish with vegetables or legumes with rice. The main nuance in dinner is to eat it 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • Ronaldo drinks a lot of water. Ronaldo’s diet also includes protein shakes and multivitamins.

Roland’s favorite dish is bakalau (a mixture of cod, onion, potatoes and scrambled eggs) performed by his mother Dolores. But you can’t eat it every day: it contains 500 calories at once.

However, in his youth, Ronaldo allowed himself fast food and soda. Once Ryan Giggs ran into Cristiano, who came to the MU team breakfast with a bottle of Coca-Cola. Giggs pushed him against the wall and said, “Don’t ever drink that crap again.”

Ronaldo did not like this remark, and after a couple of days he answered gorgeous: he made a hat-trick and immediately ran to the Welshman: “I drink what I want, Giggzy.” Interestingly, Giggs was collaborating with Coca-Cola’s rivals Pepsi at the time.

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