Ronaldo lost for the first time in the Premier League after returning. I shouldn’t have entrusted the penalty to Fernandes!


Ronaldo lost for the first time in the Premier League after returning. I shouldn’t have entrusted the penalty to Fernandes!

In the sixth round of the Premier League, Aston Villa came to visit Manchester United, and it turned out to be a completely illogical match. Manchester United have not had a single defeat in the Premier League before this game (4 wins and a draw), and from the very beginning they established themselves as the favorite of the meeting.

Just look at the statistics for the match:

During the meeting, Manchester United had even more dangerous moments than Aston Villa. For example, here is Pogba’s unrealized punch :

Or Greenwood moment:

Even Ronaldo , the main figure of the team in recent matches, did not save Manchester United . Against Villa, Ronaldo has excellent statistics: 13 wins, 9 goals, 4 assists and 0 losses. In this meeting, Ronaldo looked less bright. Let’s take a look:

  • I got out at the start and spent all the time without substitutions.
  • Struck four times, only one hit flew on target.
  • Won only one single combat.
  • A total of 36 ball touches. Only McTominay (33 – he missed the game), Luke Shaw (25 – was also replaced), Harry Maguire (32 – was replaced) and David de Gea (22 – the goalkeeper) were less at Manchester United.
  • Hit the wall from a free kick. This is Ronaldo’s age-old problem – at Juventus he had one goal in 71 free-kicks.

Aston Villa rarely attacked, but calmly realized one of the opportunities – after a corner kick, Courtney Hoes played well. He shouldn’t have played in this meeting at all. But Axel Tuanzebe was unable to take part in the meeting, because Tuanzebe did not play due to a clause in the contract (on loan from Manchester United).

And here is Jose’s goal:

Ronaldo has not scored for Manchester United for the first time since his return – before that he had four goals in three meetings. Although he could – already in stoppage time, Courtney Hos brought a penalty to the Villa’s goal, who had scored a goal before. Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez urged Ronaldo to take the penalty himself, but he did not dare.

Bruno Fernandes went to the ball – he also launched it into space, which is why Manchester United missed the opportunity to score at least one point in this meeting.

Bruno Martinez mockingly danced in front of Manchester United fans after a blurry kick. And in social networks they are already joking: Ronaldo will never entrust Brun to take a penalty kick again.

0-1 is Ronaldo’s first Premier League defeat since his return.


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