Ronaldo’s friend knocked down his opponent three times. As a result, I lost by a spectacular knockout


Ronaldo’s friend knocked down his opponent three times. As a result, I lost by a spectacular knockout

On September 4, the Glory 78 kickboxing tournament was held in Rotterdam, which led the fight between kickboxing legend Badr Hari and Arkadiusz Wrzosek . The Moroccan has a rich experience of performances on his side, more than a hundred fights. Hari has 106 victories, 16 defeats and 1 fight declared invalid.

Despite such a rich luggage, the career of the eminent fighter is nearing its end. He has never won in the past six years. During this period of time, Hari lost three fights (two of them due to injuries) and one fight was declared invalid. Although initially Badr won it by decision. But then both fighters tested positive for doping.

So in recent years, the Moroccan flew past the champion title in Glory and the belt fight, losing in the eliminator. Therefore, it was extremely important for Hari to rehabilitate himself in the fight with Arkadiusz Wrzosek. Vzhosek himself is a little-known fighter with very modest statistics of 13 wins and 5 losses. An ideal candidate for kickboxing mastodon Badr Hari.

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But here it is worth making a small digression. Despite the small number of battles, Vzosek went with a series of two victories, one of which was won just at the tournament under the auspices of Glory. Plus, he has good statistics of recent fights: five wins in six meetings. Among the victims of the Pole was Russian Vladimir Toktasynov , whom Arkadiusz knocked out in the first round.

The battle itself began with the overwhelming advantage of the eminent Moroccan. In the first round, Badr not only had the initiative, but dominated, which resulted in two knockdowns with punches to the body. It seemed that the battle would not last long and would end with the long-awaited victory of the veteran from Morocco.

In the second round, Hari sent Vzhosek to the ring floor again, this time with a middle kick to the liver. Naturally, after three knockdowns, the Moroccan continued to press on his Polish counterpart, pressing him to the ropes. But then the unthinkable happened: Vzhosek threw a high-kick right into Hari’s head, and he crashed to the canvas. Unlike the Pole, Badr did not have time to recover and get back on his feet in ten seconds.

We were not expecting such a denouement. But they got both a comeback and an upset of the year. It looks like Hari needs to seek help from his longtime friend Cristiano Ronaldo , who once often flew to Morocco from Madrid. By the way, five years ago, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, banned the CR7 from flying to Morocco. Times are different now, but who knows, maybe it is worth contacting a great athlete for advice, otherwise it will be easier to leave the sport after such an upset?


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