Rosetti surprised recently with Egorova and judges in RPL


© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Prokofyev / go to banks, Roberto RosettiРозетти удивлен происходящим в последнее время вокруг Егорова и судей в РПЛ

The senior officer of UEFA refereeing Roberto Rosetti was surprised recently in the Russian refereeing and trying some of the clubs of the Russian Premier League (RPL) to interfere in the work of the head of Department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian football Union Alexander Yegorov, told RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation.

Held earlier in September, the General meeting of RPL clubs, some League teams, including top clubs have expressed dissatisfaction with the work of judges and public distrust Yegorov.

“A few weeks ago Rosetti called Egorov. You need to understand that in any European League, it is impossible to imagine a situation where clubs require to remove, assign or in any way trying to interfere in the activities of judges. In Europe it is impossible in principle, it is absolutely impossible. The leaders of the arbitrators interact only with the heads of federations. Clubs, leagues, for judges there is no one. Therefore, Rosetti, responsible for refereeing at UEFA, of course, was strange to learn about what is happening recently with judges in Russia”, – said the source.

The source added that “the Russian championship, football there, watch closely enough and call Yegorov was a reaction to the information that reached Rosetti”.

As the source noted, in a telephone conversation Egorov told Rosetti that “there are no problems, and all issues are resolved in working order and there is a constructive dialogue.”

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