Rushing into battle. 8 eminent coaches for KHL clubs who are out of work now


Rushing into battle. 8 eminent coaches for KHL clubs who are out of work now

In the KHL transfer market, there are not only transfers of players, but also coaching resignations and appointments. Only during the current offseason have the specialists changed at CSKA, Admiral and Kunlun. We are talking about eminent mentors who are ready to work and, to put it in hockey terms, who are on the market of unlimited free agents. We deliberately did not include Vyacheslav Bykov and Zinetula Bilyaletdinov in the list , since they have enough offers, but they are definitely not eager to “fight” and to work.

Andrey Nazarov, 47 years old

Nazarov is one of the youngest, but very experienced specialists in the Russian coaching market. After leaving Neftekhimik, Andrei Viktorovich is eager to work and will suit the KHL club, including those with a large presence of youth. The fact is that the development of young talents and work with them is one of the main strengths of a native of Chelyabinsk. It is strange that the Continental League has enough foreign specialists, while Russians like Nazarov remain unemployed.

Igor Nikitin, 48 years old

Nikitin was sensationally fired from CSKA, having appointed Sergei Fedorov in his place. Which, by the way, has absolutely no coaching experience, but has legendary and undeniable authority. It is unlikely that Nikitin will remain unemployed for a long time. It seems that in a year, when Bob Hartley’s contract with Avangard ends, it is Igor Valerievich who will take such a close team to his native Omsk. The layout is very realistic.

Sergey Svetlov, 60 years old

Svetlov is a specialist in the Far East. The Olympic champion worked successfully at Admiral and Amur and is again ready to challenge the Far East for himself. Let’s see how long Vladimir Vorobyov and Alexander Andrievsky will hold out in the Far East, but hardly too long. And then it is Svetlov who will become the main contender for the vacant post.

Rushing into battle.  8 eminent coaches for KHL clubs who are out of work now

Sergey Svetlov

Vladimir Yurzinov Jr., 56 years old

Yurzinov is famous for building and raising the Kunlun from scratch. The team that was turned, God knows what, by appointing Kovalev, Yalonen (who immediately understood where he got in and quit) and Zanatta. But at its start, the Chinese project was very competitive and even aroused respect. The son of the master of the domestic coaching department, Vladimir Yurzinov Sr., lives in Finland, but is always ready for work and a new challenge.

Vladimir Krikunov, 71 years old

Krikunov has been saying for several years that he is going to retire. But as soon as a job offer comes in, Vladimir Vasilyevich is right there. Krikunov was barely “removed” from the Moscow “Dynamo”, where Alexei Kudashov came, but the veteran and famous coach does not even think about giving up. One has only to call Krikunov, as all his thoughts and conversations about retirement will instantly disappear. We have already gone through all this many times.

Peteris Skudra, 48 years old

Skudra is a demanding and, to some extent, a tough specialist, but order always reigns in Peteris’s teams. Such coaches are valuable for their ability to discipline and build systemic ice hockey. Hockey players must fulfill all the requirements of Skudra, know what actions they are responsible for on the ice and what is required of them. The last place of work of Peteris to date was Dynamo Riga, where the Latvian coach was replaced by Sergey Zubov.

Oleg Znarok, 58 years old

Znarok is a specific specialist. On the one hand, Oleg Valerievich led the Russian team to the gold medals of the Olympics, but not everyone can work with this coach. The znarok possesses the qualities of a leader and indisputable authority, always leads his faithful squire Harijs Vitolins and dictates his own conditions. This is largely why Znarka did not return to Dynamo Moscow, where Alexei Kudashov entered.

Rushing into battle.  8 eminent coaches for KHL clubs who are out of work now

Oleg Znarok

Igor Zakharkin, 63 years old

Zakharkin lives in Sweden, loves to engage in theory and educational work, but is always ready to work as a mentor for the KHL club. We remember how he, previously working only in tandem with Bykov, worked in Salavat Yulaev, in Ugra (then she was still playing in the KHL). Therefore, there is no doubt that Igor Vladimirovich will gladly accept any new challenge. There is enough experience, the desire is also present.

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