Russia had begun issuing electronic PTS


© RIA Novosti / Pavel Lisitsyn / Go to the Bank, the traffic police at the time of registration of the vehicle В России в обязательном порядке начали выдавать электронные ПТС

Electronic passport of the vehicle (sprts designed) to replace the paper started to give out to all the produced in Russia cars. The relevant amendments to the legislation entered into force on Friday, 1 November.

In this paper passports will continue to operate throughout the country. The obligatory exchange of paper certificates for electronic passport is not provided. Circulation passports, previously issued, is not limited by time.

Together with Russia on sprts designed also had to move the countries of the Eurasian Union, but in October the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) has extended the deadline for issuing paper passports of the vehicle (PTS) for a year, until November 1, 2020.

The first cars with sprts designed in the test procedure were sold in Russia in the spring. Then was fulfilled change of ownership along the chain organization-manufacturer – distributor – official dealer – end customer (legal entity) with reflection in sprts designed for each stage and further registration of the car in the traffic police.

It is assumed that the electronic passport will allow you to create a transparent history of the technical condition of the vehicle since its manufacture or import into the territory of the EAEU and disposal. Now to the system of sprts designed connected more than 850 participants, including manufacturers, importers, dealers and financial organizations.

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