“Russia has shattered the dream of Slovenia.” What Slovenian media write about the match in Maribor


“Russia has shattered the dream of Slovenia.” What Slovenian media write about the match in Maribor

In Slovenia, relatively calmly, without hysterics, we endured the evening trouble in the “Narodniy Sad” (aka “Ludski vrt”). The chances of a trip to Qatar for Matjaz Kek’s guys were objectively low, and home 1: 2 from Russia saved a small Balkan country from vain illusions at the finish of qualification. All non-specialized publications have other topics in the top, football in the background. We studied what colleagues write.

“Prior to this match, Slovenia with Russia had two wins, three defeats and only one draw in six matches,” states the country’s popular online publication 24ur.com. – The Slovenes twice beat the Russians at home in qualifying for the largest competitions, but this time everything did not go according to the plans of the Slovenes. Slovenia’s onslaught at the end of the match did not bring success, it ended with a victory for Russia, and Slovenia finally lost all chances of participating in the World Cup. ”

The Siol.net portal titled the review of Tuesday’s games “The Russians have destroyed Slovenia’s hopes for World Cup qualification, the Germans are already in Qatar.” Inside the article – a dry retelling of the key episodes of the match (goals, a moment with VAR) and the position of the teams in the standings.

Without exception, all the authors of the reports note the contribution to the guest victory of our defenders. Zurnal24:
“The outcome of the match was a foregone conclusion in the middle of the first half, when both central defenders of Russia scored in four minutes. First, the Slovenian defense was outplayed by Igor Diveev after a free-kick, and in the next episode the Slovenes were punished for indecision in his own penalty area by Georgy Dzhikia. For the most part, the dynamic match was at times colored with beautiful Slovenian flashes, but in the end Slovenia suffered a fourth defeat in seven matches (with two wins and a draw). Thus, the history of 12 years ago did not repeat itself, when Slovenia, under the leadership of the same coach and at the same stadium, knocked out the Russians in the play-offs and entered the 2010 World Cup. ”

“Russia has shattered Slovenia’s dream of a world championship,” Delo informs its readers. And then he explains what happened in the previously happy Maribor for the national team: “The first half was fatal for the Slovenes: the Russians were better than the opponent and scored two goals. In the second half, the Russians strengthened their defense and did not give the Slovenes more opportunities. The Russians partially compensated for the painful defeat in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when Slovenia won 1-0 after a goal from Zlatko Dedic and reached the World Cup. ”

Slovenian Dnevnik described the game in more detail:

“The guests took advantage of the acute lack of concentration in the Slovenian defense and after two attacks gained a decisive advantage of two goals. Both central defenders of Russia hit the target – Diveev was the quickest in the sandwich between Shporar and Mevla, and Jikia pushed Balkovets in front of the goal and had so much space that he even scored with scissors. Slovenia was on its knees for more than half an hour until Ilicic scored a goal after a combination that got the fans back on their feet. Although Russia was weakened by the absence of nine key figures, it showed its performance in Maribor and successfully suppressed Slovenian hopes in the second half. ”

The highest score for the game – 7.0 – from the publication was awarded to Georgy Dzhikia, Igor Diveev and … Valery Karpin (Keck’s match-management was rated 5.5). Dnevnik recognized the captain of Spartak as the player of the match.

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