Russian hockey players, who returned from America. What to expect from them in the NHL?


Several Russian players returned this summer from North America to Russia. Among those who decided to pursue a career at home, have experienced players and talented youth. Can they prove themselves in their clubs?

z. Igor Ozhiganov (“AK bars”), 26 years

Igor Ozhiganova did not work in Toronto. After Ozhiganova part of the “maple leafs” left and Nikita Zaitsev, who now will stand for “Ottawa”. Ojiganov returned to Russia, where the rights to it belonged to CSKA. As a result of exchange Igor has passed in “AK the leopard” Dmitry Kvartalnov. With this trainer ojiganov worked in the “army” team. Defender in Kazan expect and will trust him. He ojiganov should manifest itself in all its glory.

Photo: Ildar Torbatov,

z. Bogdan Kiselevich (CSKA), 29 years

Kiselevich exchanged from “Florida” in “Winnipeg”, where Russian defender and not given a chance. It is logical that after all the troubles incident Bogdan returned to Russia. The more demand for it in the KHL was great. Kiselevich wanted to get the “avant-garde”, but in the end, the Russians made a choice in favor of CSKA. The services of the player of defence was interested personally the head coach of CSKA Igor Nikitin.

B. Nikita Soshnikov (“Salavat Yulaev”), 25 years

He returned to Russia and striker Nikita Soshnikov. Rights have been SKA, but as a result of the exchange of Nikita was in “Salavat ulaeva”. Openers healed all the sores, did a great job in the preseason, missed the hockey and ready to benefit the Ufa club. Located in the Prime Openers – trained, able to score and to demonstrate the power of the hockey player. Such people need a Ufa to be congratulated with a good gain.

B. Nikita Scherbak (“vanguard”), 23 years

As will manifest itself in the “Avant-garde” striker Nikita Scherbak is a big question. This star striker is not exactly call, in “Los Angeles” the hockey player it does not work, serious offers from NHL was not. Well, in Omsk club Nikita just give a chance. Bob Hartley is not covered, so relax and play at half strength Shcherbak in any case impossible. You need to prove from game to game. If Scherbak will not be lazy and get it out of my head all extraneous thoughts, then it should be for Omsk replacement micheev. Absolutely identical dimensions, a similar gaming mindset. The question is whether he is ready to work as well as Ilya?

Photo: Yuri Kuzmin

z. Sergey Boykov (“Dinamo” M), 23 years

The strikers belonged to the “Salavat”, but rights were traded to Moscow Dynamo. With blue and white strikers who returned home from the North American leagues, and signed the contract. Have Boikova there is one drawback – he trains in tough American style. So sredno that sometimes goes even their own partners. In General, the age Boykovo allows hope for progress and an opportunity to help the Dynamo.

z. Egor Yakovlev (“Metallurg”)

Much hope in the team Yegor Yakovlev. In “new Jersey” native of Magnitogorsk even tried as a striker but a proper place on ice for Yakovlev was never found. The return of Egor in Russia arises. Vice-President of “MMK” Gennady Velichkin did not miss the opportunity to sign a contract with the experienced player. In Magnitogorsk Yakovlev will get good money which will have to work out.

B. Maxim Misurin (“vanguard”), 21 years

Recent years Misurin spent in the canadian minor leagues. Maxim is a graduate of the “Avant-garde”, one of those who to expect in the future. Misurin – forward, powerful and overall player. Style of play is somewhat reminiscent of Evgeni Malkin. Due to the size to fit into the system of Bob Hartley and get at least some playing time. Although the season is, of course, have to start at “Izhstal” — the farm Avangard in the KHL.

z. Artem Mikulin (“metallurg”), 20 years

From USA in the system of Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” back protector Artem Mikulin. Artem is a graduate of the Magnitogorsk hockey, in 2015, those who left to try his hand overseas. Now Inulin as Misurin in the “Forefront” will try to break into the first team. Meanwhile, defender sent to “Zauralye” — farm-club “Magnitogorsk” in the Premier League.

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