Russian judokas in Tokyo focused on world Cup gold in the test event Olympics


© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov / Go in banks ofthe Russian judoka Hassan Halmurzaev at the XXXI summer Olympic gamesРоссийские дзюдоисты в Токио нацелены на золото ЧМ в тестовом турнире ОИ

Oleg Bogatov. Athletes male and female national teams of Russia on judo on Sunday will hold the first battle in the fight for the medals of the world championship in Tokyo is a test event in preparation for the Olympic games 2020 in Japan.

The competition will be held from 25 August to 1 September. In tournament will take part record number of athletes – 841 (510 men and 331 women) of the very large number of countries in the history of the world Championships – 147. Athletes will compete in 15 sets of medals (seven in individual competitions among men and women, one in the mixed team tournament).

The total prize Fund is one million US dollars. The winners will receive for 26 thousand dollars, silver medalists – 15 thousand and bronze medalists – 8 thousand. In addition, the winners of the tournament will be able to significantly improve its position in the Olympic ranking. The first place athlete will bring 2000 points, the second 1400, the third – 1000.

The goal is to fight for gold

Head coach women’s national team Dmitry Morozov on the eve of the tournament, told RIA Novosti that the medal plan includes winning two medals. “For the world Cup our medal plan – two awards: one gold and one bronze, – said the expert. – But the number of medals we can hope for more.”

“Winning two or three medals is a good performance of the team, – said the Agency interlocutor. But I wish more girls got to struggle for medals. Our girls can compete with the toughest rivals and to beat them. And many times our athletes were won by those who on paper was considered stronger. We expect this in Tokyo.”

Heading the men’s national team of Russia Hasanbi Taov also counts on successful performance. “All the guys are well prepared, we have a strong team and every athlete expects to play to the maximum, – said the head coach. – All of our athletes will compete for world championship medals. I think we need to play well in Tokyo.”

Taov also believes that the Russians will qualify for the gold medal in the program, which debuts at the Olympics in 2020. “In the team tournament, the Russian team will fight for gold medals, the source said. – Our main competitors will be teams from Japan, France and South Korea.” In the opening match of the 1/8 finals team will meet with national team athletes, acting under the flag of the International judo Federation (IJF) – International IJF.

The 2018 FIFA world Cup, held in Baku, the Russian team won four medals. The silver medalist of the tournament was Robert Mshvidobadze (weight category up to 60 kg) and bronze medalists – Niyaz Ilyasov (up to 100 kg), Aleksandra Babintseva (to 78 kg) and in the mixed team tournament.

With hope for medals

In the individual competition among women will act Irina Dolgova, Sabina Gilyazova (both 48 kg), Natalia Kuzyutina, Alesya Kuznetsova (both – up to 52 kg), Darya Mezhetskaya, Anastasia Konkina (both – 57 kg), Daria Davydova (to 63 kg), Alexander Babintseva, Antonina Shmeleva (both 78 kg).

The men’s team made up of Mshvidobadze (to 60 kg), Mikhail pulyaev (to 66 kg), Musa Mogushkov, Denis Yartsev (both – 73 kg), Hasan Halmurzaev, Aslan Mappingof (both up to 81 kg), Niyaz Ilyasov, Arman Adamyan (both up to 100 kg), Inal Tasoev (over 100 kg).

The titular in the team are Olympic champion 2016 Halmurzaev, the bronze medallist of the Games in 2016, a three-time bronze medalist of the world Championships Kuzyutina, three times Vice-world champion pulyaev, silver medalist of the world championship 2018, Mshvidobadze, two-time bronze medalist of the world Championships Mogushkov, who took third place at the world championship-2018 Ilyasov and Babintseva, Champions of the European games this year Mezhetskaya and Adamyan, winner of the European championship in 2018 Dolgov.

In the team tournament to fight for the medals will lead Evgeny Prokopchuk, cure Ediev (both – 73 kg), Michael Igolnikov, he Khalmurzaev (both – 90 kg), Kirill Denisov, Ruslan Shahbazov (both over 90 kg), Natalia Golomidova (up to 57 kg), Alena Prokopenko, Madina Taymazov’s (both – 70 kg), Anna Gushchina Ksenia Chibisova (both over 70 kg).

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