Sandro Schwartz: “Before the match, they said that you need to fight for Lesovoy. This was the motivation for us “


Dynamo head coach Sandro Schwartz commented on the victory over CSKA (2: 1) in the match of the 3rd round of Tinkoff RPL. 

– Today was a very intense game. Unfortunately, in the first 20 minutes we missed the match, we made a lot of mistakes and losses. As a result, we conceded a goal, the opponent caught his game. In the second half we made some adjustments and started playing much faster. The passes became more accurate and bolder, we added aggression and started pushing CSKA. I think that we succeeded in high pressure in the second half, we deservedly scored two goals. From my point of view, this is an absolutely deserved victory.

– Can you rate the game of Denis Makarov?

– Denis entered the game very well, although he has only been in the team since Friday. On this day, he held the first training session. We considered it necessary to carry out individual theories for him, paid attention to important aspects of Dynamo’s game, so that he could adapt as quickly as possible. He came out great, showed himself well. He created many dangerous moments and played tenaciously in defense.

– How did Arsen Zakharyan improve so much in the second half? What is the best position on the pitch for him?

– Zaha is a fairly variable player. The main thing is that he plays, a lot of danger always comes from him. He is important to us in any position. It should be noted that Arsen is one of those players who work hard to develop. This allows it to be used in different positions.

– The last official game at this stadium was just against CSKA. Has your opponent changed a lot?

– I would not compare, it is not my task to distribute such assessments. During the break, we talked with the guys, noted that last season’s game was played in a similar vein: after the first half we were losing 0: 1, but we made adjustments and turned the game upside down. It also happened now.

– Missed out of the blue because of Balbuen’s mistake. Second match in a row. Is this an adaptation?

– Again, I would not compare these situations. The problem is that we basically started the game with insufficient concentration. In general, I want to say that Fabian played a quality match today.

– Before the match, the team supported Lesovoy. Whose idea was it?

– Unfortunately, this week we received the bad news that Lesovoy will need knee surgery. We entered the game thinking about him, in the locker room we said that we need to fight for Daniel. Each of our players. This was the motivation for us. I wish him a speedy recovery. We understand that recovery from such an injury takes a long time, but we hope that our competent medical staff will be able to speed up this process. We are the whole team with him.

After this victory, Dynamo scored 9 points and moved up to 3rd place in the Tinkoff RPL standings. In the next match, the Muscovites will play away with Akhmat. This game will take place on August 14th. 

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