“Saturn” is no more.” The black hole of Russian football


When the team plays in the top League, she is hearing, even if it is about a hopeless underdog. When it gets in Germany, interest in it falls, but is saved — because it is necessary to know who claims to get into the elite. But if even lower? After all, those who had been playing at the highest level, and then slid to the lowest in Russia a lot. One of them — “Saturn”. To find out what happens with these teams, I went in Ramenskoye — the next match of the zone “Center” of PFL in which owners received “Ryazan”.

“Forward! Forward! Ramensky “Saturn”!”

When they reached the stadium, caught the warm — up at a very decent view of the field (no wonder the team bears the name of the Roman God of agriculture). And with virtually empty stands if the players came not for the match, and ordinary exercise.

But places on the podium — whatever you want. The few spectators huddled under the roof — the days in the suburbs are rainy. Making his way closer to the middle, casually leaning on the seat and fall down with him. Broken it was before my time, and have no choice but to put him in his place, and, pretending that it was, to move on.

«Сатурна» больше нет». Черная дыра российского футбола

Photo: © Vladimir Laevsky

“Saturn” was founded back in 1946 under the name “Sniper”. In Soviet times, nothing but changes of name, the command does not remember, but in Russian, the company made a mighty leap over the past five years, from 1994 to 1999, stepped from the third division in the highest! Where he spent the next 12 years, never dropping below 11th place and twice reached the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia. And then bankruptcy, debt in billion rubles, with the exception of the elite and the deprivation of professional status. The revival had to wait until 2014, when “Saturn” was recreated and submitted to the PFL championship. The 2015/16 season, again had to miss, but in the next year romancane finished second in the zone “Center, while three points from output in Germany. But it was only flash — last season “Saturn” finished third from the end.

…Before the match stayed for about 15 minutes. Fans lazily moved up on the rostrum. Many in scarves of “Saturn”. “Look what flew!” three boys close to me reacted loudly to each beautiful shot. A little lower is the family — father, mother and two children with a large club flag. The most expensive ticket for the match costs 150 rubles — to the local adult. For guests and in the sector of active support — 100. For children from 7 to 14 years — 50. Also have family option — two adults and a child can go for 250. Beneficiaries manage to get tickets either at $ 100, or even free of charge.

Guest East stand to the beginning of the meeting remained empty, but in the West in the master the fan-sector compact group situated the most ardent fans of the “aliens”. Hung a large banner — “South-Eastern Confederation” and a few smaller banners. One of them sported black-and-blue heart. And as soon as the game started, began under the drum knocks to chant: “Go! Forward! Ramensky “Saturn”!”

«Сатурна» больше нет». Черная дыра российского футбола

Photo: © FC “Saturn”

“I played ten minutes — of course, ate!”

What happened on the field at first looked like not football but a mixture of wrestling and tennis. On wet turf, the players slid, fell, rose and again went to the crossroads. Play those and other tried to only long casts, each of which showed the same long go.

While the team has adjusted the game in the stands were talking about football and life. One of those three boys asked if there’s someone who cares for “Ryazan”. I had to raise my hand and admit I from Ryazan, support the “citizens”. “You’re over “Ryazan”? We, too!” — replied the graying man, who was sitting with a friend on the three rows above.

Between Ramenskii fans, meanwhile, a dispute broke out: the representatives of the old guard stated that “Saturn” is no more, and the young guys objected — as it is, they say, no, here he plays! Soon, however, on the podium again there was silence, only from time to time violated the caustic cries:

— Ate, or what?

He played ten minutes — of course, ate!

The fan-sector blue-black came: “Victory! Victory!” From the bottom of the cry was picked up by the boy of six.

Aching with me over “Ryazan” man, with whom we talked during the break, was the father of the captain of the guests, Alexey Zhitnikov. 34-year-old midfielder began his career at Saturn and even managed to play for him in the Premier League. Long then traveled to Russia — “Khimki”, “Siberia”, “Rotor”, “vanguard”, “recently”… In the beginning of this year he returned to his native Saturn, but, according to father, the salary they offered little, and then “Ryazan” warning in advance.

«Сатурна» больше нет». Черная дыра российского футбола

“Saturn” – “Ryazan”. Ball captain Alexei Ryazantsev Sitnikov / Photo: © FC “Saturn”

“Drive! Drive!”

The first half ended in a draw — 1:1. Second the people in the stands were added in Protocol will be recorded that he had gained five hundred. After resting during the break, the teams returned cheerfully and exchanged goals to make it 2-2. But soon, the podium fell silent again and started only when one of the Ryazan players hard, on the verge of rudeness, moved the opponent’s body. The judge said nothing and the stadium responded with a whistle that chilled to the bone.

Fan-sector once again started: “Saturn”! Saturn!” In response to the top he heard a girl’s voice: “Ryazan”! “Ryazan”!” The girl had no support, and she quickly calmed down, but I know I was at the stadium there is another like-minded person.

Someone of the fans even tried to have a clearly tired team: “Drive! Drive!” But football is gradually calmed down, the audience too. In the 87th minute Riazan Degtyarev could finish the meeting, but after the beautiful “the walls” with a powerful shot from the penalty hit the crossbar.

— We need a goal! We need a goal! — heard from the West stand. But the goal doesn’t happen again — 2:2.

«Сатурна» больше нет». Черная дыра российского футбола

Photo: © Vladimir Laevsky

The sky over the stadium by this time it was painted in dark blue under the club colours. Sounded local anthem: “Let the fathers know, let the proud grandparents: team “Saturn” is a ring of victory!” The players in black and blue wearily walked to the podium to thank the fans waiting for them outside the fence, exchange handshakes and to listen to the response of gratitude. I also shook hands with them and said thank you. Still, they tried.

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So what I saw this evening in Ramenskoye? Sadness and sorrow. And they went not from football. Football-it just was, and quite entertaining. And people, though they were few, the stadium came, and very different. Some simply relax, escape from the hustle and bustle. Someone to support the home team. Someone from the fascination with football. But still have the feeling that I looked into that black hole, which year after year are lost to the Russian clubs. Most of them need their fans and no one else. If you were hit from orbit, go back very hard.

So take your time — go to the home team. A black hole can absorb anyone.

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