“Scandalous refereeing”. How Italy reacted to Spartak’s sensational victory


“Scandalous refereeing”. How Italy reacted to Spartak’s sensational victory

After yesterday’s defeat of the leader of Serie A, there is no hysteria in the Italian press: yes, Luciano Spalletti and his Napoli lost to Spartak, but there is no tragedy in this regard.

“Sooner or later, Napoli will have to lose,” the Fiorentina coach said the day before. Less than a day later, his prediction came true: Spalletti suffered his first defeat of the season in the Europa League in the match against Spartak and left the field very nervously, ”writes Corriere dello Sport.

“Napoli is blowing away,” reads the headline on one of the La Gazetta dello Sport’s lanes. The publication gave the Italian team and Spalletti only 5.5 for the match, Spartak and Ruya Vitoria – sevens each.

“Count from 1 to 13 – Napoli is ahead. There are only 13 seconds between the starting whistle and the ball that flew into the net of Spartak’s goal. Goalkeeper Maksimenko stumbled and the ball in his hands turned into a bar of soap. Everything seems easy, and “Napoli” starts to hover a little in the clouds – as a result, the game has become a nightmare for the league leaders. The team is in serious danger of jeopardizing its European path, ”reflects La Gazetta dello Sport.

"Scandalous refereeing".  How Italy reacted to Spartak's sensational victory

“Spalletti suffered his first defeat of the season: unexpected, controversial, tough, because now the race to get out of the group has become very difficult. The game turned into a bullfight, a brawl with many bad fouls and sheer nervousness, ”writes Corriere della Serra.

The fans on the tifosidelnapoli forum did not find words – most of all went to Mariu Rui, who was sent off in the 38th minute, and the referee.

Born_in_Naples: “Scandalous refereeing, unfortunately. Rui was kicked out of the field as an amateur, and we paid dearly for it. We hope that the defeat will not affect the championship – on Sunday we will have a very difficult away match ”.

GrandeJoe67: “We entered the pitch even more lethargic and apathetic than against Cagliari. The goal, which the team immediately scored, further led it to underestimate the opponent. Obviously, without Rui’s monumental stupidity, we would have seen a different game. “

Succiniesta: “ 60% of the result was made by the judge. Russians got away with too many provocations and dirty tricks. “

Oggimilaureo: Better focus on the championship.

Fatyboyslim: “Losing to red Rui and sensationally erroneous goals. Of course, the refereeing also played a role in this ”.

Barna: “ In this game we faced force majeure: the refereeing and cunning of the Russians.”

Venego l: “Mario Rui is the largest natural disaster that has hit Naples since the 1980s earthquake.”

Hiascin : “If VAR would intervene at the moment with Rui’s red card, then he should have intervened in cases of errors on the part of the Russians. As my friend remarked: “Today we played against Juventus from the East.”


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