Schwartzman is already shot. 4 promising racer from Russia, that it’s time to follow


It’s nice that this year the Russian racing fans awoke interest not only for Formula 1 and other series. First of all we are talking about Formula 2, where Robert Schwartzman debuted so successfully that the leader in the overall standings after the first three stages. About Robert we already write a lot and often. Good to know readers of “Championship” and other Russians, acting in f-2 — Artem Markelov and Nikita Mazepin. So today we will talk about the other Russian riders, which is the time to pay attention.

The pilot program “SMP racing” is likely familiar to readers of today’s four — after a brilliant performance in the third stage of Formula 3 in Hungary. In the rain qualification Smolyar beautifully took pole, but at the start of the first race knocked him committed the blunder on the inhibition of Logan Sargent — surprisingly, for the maneuver, the American received no penalty. Well, the Russians still scored points in the second race, breaking from 27th place to seventh. In the overall f-3 Smolyar while only 13th — you have to recoup after a launch failure.

Before joining the Formula 3 Alexander spent two seasons in Eurocup Formula Renault. In the first sighting, the Russians took 12 th place, never hitting the podium, but the following year, scored three victories and six times among the three that allowed him to become the bronze medalist of the championship. Won, by the way, Oscar Piastre, which is now in the lead in Formula 3.

Let’s be honest: while Smolyar does not impress a future superstar, as it was Kvyat and Shvartsman, but if Alexander will continue to perform the way in qualifying in Hungary, it is very quickly forced to change his opinion. In any case, the performances of the Russians should definitely be watched closely.

Yes, not Michael, and that Michael — that is pure racing is the name of another member “SMP the racing”, which plays in the Eurocup Formula Renault. Belov drew attention when he became Vice-champion of the SMP Formula 4, which allowed Michael to continue his athletic career in Europe — in German and Italian Formula 4. Contrary to some skeptical predictions Belov in Italy took the high fourth place, behind the participant of the youth program “Mercedes” Paul Aron and the current rider f-3 Dennis Hauger.

In 2020 will not be easy Belov: in Europe, it is not for the strongest team M2 Competition (and even in monoserii factor of the team, well, very important), besides alone — engineers is always easier to work with data from two or three pilots. Despite this technical problem in the second stage, while Belov is ranked seventh in the overall standings. Leads series participant of the program “Renault” Cayo Colette — have someone to look up to.

Cyril Smal

Successful kart driver (and also a participant of the program “SMP racing”) this year passed from karting in the “formula”. This weekend 15-year-old smal debut in German Formula 4, whose first stage will be held on the racetrack, “Lausitzring”. Among the rivals member of the Academy of Ferrari Dino Beganovic, son of Juan-Pablo Montoya, Sebastian, and two Russians — Artem Libananco (they will be teammates in the R-ace GP, on account of Libananco 9-e a place the Spanish f-4) and Vladislav brittle, which in 2019 year, he appeared in two stages, the French Quartet (best result — sixth place).

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I’m happy to announce that I will make my single-seater debut this season. I will drive for the in the ADAC Formula 4! I want to thank everyone who has been with me throughout my karting career. Special thanks to the @smp_racing for this chance and faith in me! • Рад объявить, что я начинаю карьеру в формульных классах и буду выступать за команду R-ace GP в немецкой Формуле 4! Хочу поблагодарить всех, кто был рядом на протяжении моей картинговой карьеры. Спасибо программе SMP Racing за этот шанс и веру в меня!

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Karting Cyril leaves with a solid track: great experience of playing in international Championships, victories and podium places… for Example, recently a smal became the bronze prize-winner of the WSK Champions Cup in the class OK. Experts have long follow Kirill — now let’s see how he will go to “formulas”.

Nikita Bedrin

On our list is the only pilot who had not yet passed a “formula”. Nikita 14 years old, so according to the rules, to change the map in a racing car he will be in season 2021, when will be eligible to compete in Formula 4. Meanwhile Bedrin impresses experts most powerful performances in karting — for example, recently he became the first Russian international champion of the WSK Super Master Series in the adult class OK. Achievement, believe, really serious — and no wonder about Vedrine has long been referred to as the most promising Russian driver almost for all history — Yes, including quata, Aleshina, Sirotkin, Mikhail Shvartsman, and so on.

However, it is necessary to mention. Their brilliant results Bedrin achieves in the race, but there is no guarantee that Nikita will be easily passed in the “formula”. For example, ten years ago in a similar style all in karting tore Nick de Vries, who quickly signed “McLaren”, but in “formulas” the Dutchman is not too wrong: in the Eurocup Renault, he won only the third year, the same number needed for victory in Formula 2. That is, instead of superstars we got a strong pilot, who now drives for Mercedes, but in Formula E.

Have Bedrina, again, the transition to the “formula” ahead of, and yet on the agenda of performances in the European championship. It is curious that he is the only one out of the four of our text, who is not included in the program “SMP racing”, although last year it was listed. Goes, in theory the Russians can sign a Red bull or anyone else is also a kind of intrigue. In General, remember the name Nikita. As the other three pilots, and then say that he always believed in them.

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