Semin stood up for the persecuted because of the hair of the student, and apologized for the adults


Head coach of “Locomotive” Yuri Semin stood up for the Russian student, who is one of the schools in Krasnoyarsk region want to be suspended because of the hair style football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The appeal published in Instagram account specialist.

Semin told the child that the adults in this situation are not right, and asked him to excuse them. He also called the student to Lokomotiv, when he will rise in the new Ibrahimovic. “Good luck, all will be well” — signed Semin.

That student wanted to be suspended because of the hair, became known on September 9. Parents were not against the appearance of the child, but the teachers insisted that this is contrary to the Statute of the institution. Later, the Minister of education of Krasnoyarsk region Svetlana Makovsky apologized to the parents of fourth-graders from the city and recognized the hair of his personal.

Users of social networks also requested that the Ibrahimovic to stand for a fourth grader. They sent the Swede posts, and launched a flash mob with the hashtag #ProkhorNeedYourHelp.

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