Sergei Ivanov: “In the play-off to three victories voted almost unanimously”


Honorary President of VTB United League Sergey Ivanov has told about the reasons, with which the early start of the next season.

Meeting in a videoconference format for me already commonplace — with APR other forms I have. The Council of the League in this format — the decision is forced. What were the other options? Nothing terrible, normally spent. Key decisions — re-election of the President and CEO of the League. And approved the calendar. Starting 20 September — earlier than usual.

There are two reasons. First, the Olympics in Tokyo postponed to 2021, and at the request of the FIBA national Championships or multi-ethnic as ours — to be completed by 15 June 2021. We need to be, however, and voted to all series of the playoffs was best of five matches. This decision was taken almost unanimously. The only uncertainty concerns how we in September we will start to play matches. Empty rooms filled with half or full. But it does not depend on us, — said Ivanov.

July 14 in the format of a videoconference a meeting of the Council of the League, which was approved the main aspects of the next world Cup. Season starts September 20, and will end no later than June 14. The qualifying tournament of the Olympics in Tokyo with the participation of the national team of Russia will be held in the Croatian split from 29 June to 4 July.

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