Sergey Elevich: “I am Glad that the best years of his career, the Swede will spend in “Khimki”. The team has the oven, from which it is possible to dance”


Former head coach of Russia and “Himok” Sergey Elevich has commented on signing a new contract with the Moscow club the leader of the team Alexey Shved.

— Worried if I was about to agree whether “Khimki” with Alex on a new contract? Of course. How not to worry? But I felt that all will be well, — said Elevich in an interview with our correspondent Nadezhda Gushchina. — The Swede over the years spent in “Khimki”, very grown up and ceased to be one-sided. Before him were only waiting for the scores, but now we see him in a different capacity: he has to give a lot of gear and go for rebounds. Moreover, I see that he goes to the fight on the rebound of the ball. Before him I hadn’t noticed.

His actions appeared wisdom. I’m very impressed. He is a very nice reading of the game. Why steals, fast breaks it going? Only due to the fact that he is a good looking situation to predict. This is a fine quality. It would be a shame if Alex left. The news about the contract is very pleased. This allows the team to build good bone. In short, there is a stove, from which you can dance. I am glad that a long-term agreement. We know that these three years Alex — “Khimki”. I think that’s a great premise for a good performance of the team in the future.

— Do you think a Swede could finish his career in “Khimki”?

— I don’t think necessarily so. But in any case the best years of his career he will spend it here. And it pleases.

The Swede stands for “Khimki” in 2015. In the past season, completed ahead of schedule due to pandemic coronavirus, the defender has played 13 games in VTB United League (22.4 points, 3,1 rebounds and 9.2 assists per game) and 26 games in the Euroleague (an average of 21.4 points, 2.7 rebounds, 6.2 assists).

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